Even if they clicked on it by accident, it still counts.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Christmas!~

Cutting it a little close, eh? 
There's really only 38 minutes of Christmas left....

But that's just how I roll.
(Happy Christmas~~)

Friday, December 23, 2011

We will walk 500 miles...

.......and we will walk 500 more, just to be the men who walk a 1,000 miles to fall down at your....uh....manger.

I'm not dead! (thus, am very sorry for skipping out on you last week). I've had Christmas on the brain. :3 (thus kept forgetting to update).  But I shall try my best to remember. :o

My teeth have been hanging out with the Gods of mischief without my knowledge again..
Despite the TWO retainers that SHOULD be holding them in place they choose to crook-ify themselves. I'll be the little ole grandma, kicking whipper-snappers off my lawn, the sun gleaming off my braces and blinding all that dare to look. They'll have to put braces on my dentures. .___.

Going to Meijer at 9 o'clock at night with my Padre 'tis very entertaining. We run through the aisles and him and Jenna try--and fail--at hiding from me. Then we found some kitchen timers and set them all to go off in 5 minute intervals. 8D T'was a good night, indeed.
"Hey, guys I just remembered something" "What?" "The kitchen timers" "Lol

Whenever I go on a break I always find a new game on Facebook and become hooked (at least until we go back to school). This time it was CastleVille (I'm actually going back and forth between this and it right now). I've got issues, man. o_o

Jenna needed to wrap presents so I had to disappear. Our solution? A REALLY long shower. Now, normally this wouldn't be an issue, I usually shower so long that the hot water fumes near choke me, but I started to get bored....this was then fixed with singing the Teen Titans theme song, off-key, at the top of my lungs....

One of the gifts she wrapped was shaped like this:
I think it's a puppy. .__.

Monday I went to the eye doctor, for the second time, for a contact wearing class (I wanted to wear them for the variety show while being Mrs. Lovett--who obviously doesn't have glasses). After about an hour I actually got them in and could take them out! 8D (mission impossible had been accomplished. For some reason, poking it with my finger didn't seem too appealing to my iris). I then got to wear them home and was able to take them out--having been told to wear them more and more this week in order to get used to them. 
Tuesday. Woke up, couldn't get them in. 
Wednesday. Woke up, couldn't get them in. 
Thursday. Woke up didn't bother. Hadn't felt like failing that day.
Friday. Woke up, honestly didn't think about them until now.
Can't wait to hear the cursing at my follow-up appointment. ^^ 

I've been having a lot of memory issues lately, I couldn't at all remember my locker combination at school (I just know the basic area of each number and it works). There's probably something wrong, not getting enough oxygen to my brain or something. Though I also believe I have Parkinson's.....(making me a hypochondriac ^^).
Oh! If I breath through my spacer (tube thing that attaches to my inhaler) it sounds just like Darth Vader! 8D
Which kind of makes sense, seeing as the mold of my spacer is probably quite similar to the breathing tube found in a scuba mask...but yeah! :D

I now leave you with two awesome tunes :D


Friday, December 9, 2011


This blog is brought to you by this cat.....er....dog.....gremlin?

                                 IT'S ALSO BROUGHT TO YOU BY THESE CATS.

Despite not having a comic tonight, due to technical difficulties, I felt needed to let you know that I'm alive (I'm alive! :D). I shall also try to do something for tomorrow.

So, the parents left for the company picnic and Jenna left to babysit. And what was I left with? Madison. Poor, dead-tired, now stitch-ridden Madison. It was a lovely evening. :D

We had a slumber party.....without the party part..

The Internet made me feel loved today. "I'm sorry, it seems we've lost your page, but we didn't want to lose you." "Oh, Internet. You always know what to say."
I felt even more loved when I came upon this. (at least for the first 20 seconds.....).

Welsh, 'tis past my bed-time. good-night. ^^

P.S. You're gonna love this one.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turkey Chasing Day

Here's to hoping your Turkey Chasing Day was awesome! And your Turkeys didn't explode, or something of that nature. ^w^

Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday, November 11, 2011

To fail or not to fail?

This kind of bothers me.  Especially when the freshman who were all so surprised the first time are even all more surprised about a month later to learn, yet again, that I'm a sophomore.

 Have you noticed how awesomely clean the comics have been looking lately? Well I have! :D The editing sight I use to brighten the colors (er....black...) in the comic advanced it's exposure options and it's totally awesome :D (there that's preppy-girl word again...). You saw the enhanced version, here's the original;
I don't even have to draw on printer paper anymore!! 8D
(if I didn't want to).

So, for my Mamaw's memory quilt Jenna and I were asked to draw/write something to put on it....
I think my picture captured her pretty well....
Oh! But there's another annoyance I've  come across this year. Whenever I'm doodling something spectacular (like my drawings of the bunnies or "Koi-ception"......I'll have to post them sometime..) they always say "Did you draw that?" "...... no my imaginary friend Bob here did it......." [insert annoyed face]

 AQ day at Aquinas today :o
T'was their math and science day, indeed. Jenna took math-y classes but I took a more serious course........Sacrifice of the Gummy Bears! >D Dropping them in some sort of chemical (psh....like I was paying attention to the real science) and the gummy bears EXPLODED! The sugar + the chemical made them burst into flames. 8D First it was Rubert that was to go, then Doris---who was quite resilient. She refused to go down the test tube then upon sliding to her fire-y death she cracked and broke off the bottom of the test tube, then oozing unto the table. Finally it was Waldo, a little orange one. 
We then tried to use a life saver instead :D (something almost completely made up of sugar ^^). We had a test tube full of fire >8D
In my second class I got to watch a presenter point out the organs within a dissected shark and cat. At first I thought I might have issues with the cat, being dead, domestic, and all, but after seeing it's face it kind of blew away all of the kind of sad feelings.....I'll save you the horrors of seeing a dissected cat and show you this instead.....

"Well he doesn't look happy"
He didn't know why, but all of the cats for dissection have this expression (aside from the tongue, we were just lucky this time :D). 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Contacts at hand.

Me thinks contacts are going to be in Mag's future.
I also think changing the updating day to Sunday may be in this comic's future. Though, I can't help that we've been going to Schmozh on Fridays a lot lately, and after doing so don't get home 'til 10. Plus, I was all hyped to do it on time this week but my blood sugar dropped, or something, and I was ready to pass out. I then tried again to get this done on Saturday but I fell ill, again. Life kind of hates me right now, or perhaps you since it's you in which I'm disappointing. C;


The Brodster was over again for the night. The highlight of today was when he got hold of the remote and tried to order some Adult XXX on demand. I worry 'bout that boy sometimes....

Guess what we did today? Watched Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel! 8D
Come on guys. It's NOT even Thanksgiving yet (not that I'm one to talk, I have been known to watch Christmas movies throughout the year).
And what is it with most Christmas movies? The characters always talk about how they stopped believing in Santa when he didn't bring them what they wanted. SUCH SELFISH CHILDREN. I, on the other hand, always figured he'd run out of what I wanted so he got me a surprise gift instead. Plus, surprise gifts are way better. It's easy to get something someone asks for but it's all the more special when they get you something out of the blue (that is, if you like the out of the blue present). And what gives? These children stop believing in him at the age of 8?! What the heck non-imaginative children?! You're still scared of the boogey man but you can't even fathom a jolly man in a red suit?! Well that's my footing on Santa Clause....only 'bout a month early.

New favorite game. :D

I had the urge to play a board game. But, form experience, I knew no one would play with me (and playing Sorry on your own is just not the same). So I went and got out a puzzle instead. Now I'm stuck doing a 500 piece puzzle of a forest. Basically ALL the pieces are green. o__o


AS promised, though late, here are some pictures from Spirit Week.

Yes, there are only three pictures when there is five in a school week. But these are the only outfits I really worked on (besides the last week, Spirit day, but I didn't actually get pictures for that...). I didn't really like my product of Celebrity day and so would rather not talk about it.....(though I WAS Pauly Perrette). 


I was a mime c: (very fitting, you see).
(((Also, also. I made my costume, per usual, and got a ribbon for original costume at the Halloween dance :D)))

The whole gang. ^^

It took me forever to carve this pumpkin..I kept forgetting about it.... x)

The light bulb was my idea. :D 

                                                   Again, yes. We are five.

We had a Halloween parade for Marching Band and I made my Trombone into a monster :D I also dressed up as Blue from Blue's Clues but we didn't get to taking any pictures of that either....

Well that's enough photo spamming for tonight. Off to bed now :)
P.S. Madison got a new doggy bed and O'Malley does not appreciate the size.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Now let's pretend.

Let's pretend it's Friday, and that I'm on time.

October 28, 2011. 4:54 pm.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~OH. MY. GOSH. Look how eaaaaaaarly I'm updating today~ (pushing it right? ^^).

Today is my Padre's birthday :3 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PADRE). Even so, Facebook didn't remind me o:
(hardly ever do I remember to tell people "Happy Birthday" on Facebook, even when it reminds me).

Oh, Amazon. You know me so well. 

It seems I don't have any actual stories this time, just random bits of information. Such as this one.

We had the Halloween dance yesterday (er...tomorrow). And it t'was very tiring. Until we rode to Denny's with a maniac driver. But then it was tiring again with his couch-like car seats.

Jenna and I are going to, maybe, be in a variety show! :D (this being that the audition goes well, but as our teacher only has 3 people signed  up last I checked it's probably not to much of a worry. Unless it turns out that Jenna and I really suck.) We shall be singing a duet of the Sweeney Todd song, A Little Priest.

Halloween tomorrow! :D  (er...Monday).
Halloween Parade tomorrow! :D (er...Monday).

Welsh, we're off to go see Rocky Horror in theaters now, Toodles.
OR maybe I'm not. Because Celebration Cinema's website lies. They even removed the page to  cover up their treachery.  

Friday, October 28, 2011


The world truly hates me. 
I can't get the scanner to stop saying "screw you". And I can't get rid of my hiccups either. The Padre is on the job and given that I'm waaaaaaaaaaay past my bedtime I shall be sure to update first thing tomorrow. I PROMISE. 

I swear on Boo-boo's life.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Magical Tooth Pick

It was the year 2008.
We had our instructions.
 Carter: ~Z.F.~
 Christine: Rubber ducky.
 Mello: Evil bar of soap~ creeeeepy…….
  Megan: Piggii J  

Scene: Bath tub~ rubba dub dub spaceship in the tub. 
Plot: to be kidnapped by the evil bar of soap inside the magical spaceship. Inside the-not-so-magical bath tub.
 Word: Spaceship

And a job was to be done.

Dang. That isn't very legible, is it? Oh, well. I tried making it pretty. I guess we'll just have to do it the boring way.....

  One day Piggii, the plastic pig action figure, was inside the bath tub with Z.F.
     Z.F. is a magical rip in the space time continuum, or at least the package she was bought in said. Really she was just a plastic fox like toy. Their owner (the one taking the bath) was now done and leaving the bath tub. He’d again left the tub full of soapy water, Piggii and Z.F. always enjoyed this because they enjoyed roaming the waters freely. All too sudden Mello the dirty bar of soap showed up with the magical spaceship.
 “Mwa ha ha ha ha ha!”, exclaimed the bar of soap. “I shall take you all!”
 Mello, the evil dirty soap, had self esteem issues and hated every body.
 “No!” cried the two.
The two were forced inside the magical spaceship.
 The magical spaceship was a nice ship, it seemed to be a rent to own and was around $25.00.
 “What is the mortgage on this place?” Piggii asked.
 “Roughly 9000.00 a month” the bar of soap said.
 “Wow, that sucks!” Z.F. exclaimed.
 Before the dirty bar of soap could answer, I, narrator of this story appeared out of no where.
 “Stop!” I exclaimed. Now you should know I’m a rubber ducky and compared to soap I’m not very scary………but I do have a sword! ( its really a magical tooth pick).
With a wisp of my “sword” the dirty soap was split into numerous pieces.
 After that, Z.F learned how hotel soap is made and Piggii called a realtor. She obviously loved the spaceship.

                                      The End.   

And that was 7th grade Art class for ya.

I know this looks bad, but I TOTALLY had a comic ready, FOUR of them actually. But between the scanner, the computer, the email, and the other computer some of it got lost. And I refuse to wrestle with something that I know will win.

Whenever I say "totally" I fell like a blonde-typical-teenage-girl. I don't like that feeling.

So, my cousin (Yes Katie. I'm gonna talk about you tonight ^^) sent me a letter. 8D It was awesome because I never get mail and when I do it's something silly like report cards (those things are very silly in our household, along with conferences. They always say "A's", what's the point anymore?). She misses my comics which make me feel guilty (though also very happy. At least someone misses them too <3). I'd planned to dedicate this week's comic to her, because she missed them so, but then the scanner said "screw you". o_o
I'm so very sorry, Katie.

I'll just have to dedicate this picture of a llama to you instead.
At least, I think it's a llama.

OUR OTHER COUSIN"S BABY (our second-cousin, no?) CAME OVER AND HE IS ADORABLE. All he can currently say is; "Mama", "dog", "ball", and "hi". Or, at least, that's all he seemed to sputter while he was here. His name is Brody and he's just recently grown into his head 8D

Spirit week starts tomorrow, and my costumes are going to be epic. (will post pictures :D).

That's all for tonight, I suppose. Tomorrow is "red carpet day" and so I shall need my beauty sleep. Whatever that is.

P.S. Marching Band season is over (yay!). And so, updates will now happen on Fridays again! :D (And Megan will have more time for sleep...)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Here we go again..

It was Saturday and I couldn't get the copier to work, thus couldn't get any pages inked.

I then decided that I'd make a photographic comic with a Leo cubee that'd I'd made months ago.

But that didn't work out too well.....

O'Malley just wasn't feeling it..
(Leo cubee is found here, btw. Print it, cut it out, put it together, show your friends. Go! Do it now! :D)

Which led to more freaking out, hair pulling, etc....

Though perhaps it was just another excuse to do silly things (I like do silly things on the weekends c:).
I decided to try practicing sewing again (a skill in which I'd like to acquire one day). So, still having the dolls from last week in the hall, I grabbed a nude one and started stitching. After 3 hours (of mainly just looking it over) I was satisfied.

I was quite excited when I could successfully remove the dress AND successfully put it back on. This being a process that had failed in the past.

I also learned that I could one day, possibly, be a photographer for clothing (or something silly like that c:).

I've started believing that my dog and I are in a relationship. Recently we've been having issues too. She'll get up in the middle of the night and leave, possibly walking all over me in the process. For example, last week I woke up in the middle of the night with a throbbing pain in my eye. First I noticed my eye, second Madison getting comfy behind my head. She'd stepped on my eye. And that's not even the worst part. The next morning, because I was soooooo tired, I couldn't even remember which eye she'd stepped on. o_o

Jenna and I have recently decided that she's going to get get a Sonic Screwdriver and I'm going to get a Dalek and we're going to play war. 8)  

Welp, that's all the whining I had planned for this week. Until next time, then.

p.s. I swear there'll be a real comic next week (not just a picture of my dog's butt ^^)


The first in the Life Less Times series :D
Enjoy, friends :D

Saturday, October 8, 2011

It's Only just begun...

"....you slept on the kitchen floor?" "........briefly."

I'm sorry for being lame guys...this being that any of you are still here...
My only excuse this time is my newly acquired need to use all of my free time to sleep. It would've also been soccer practice with the teammates who were horrible to me but some recent neck pain and physical therapy got me out of that (thank god. I like playing soccer and I'm kind of bummed that I can't, but that coach and team was just horribly mean). I'll be sure to try and not be so lame in the future :D

I have good news and bad news.
good news: We have a new (old) scanner.
bad news: I don't know how to use it.
good news: I now know how to use it.
bad news: I didn't have anything ready for tonight.
good news: I drew some doodles in class.
bad news: I'm bad at geometry.
good news: when do you use geometry in life anyway?
bad news: I'm probably wrong.
good news: janitors don't use geometry.
bad news: I don't want to be a janitor.
good news: I can clean toilets.
bad news: I don't like cleaning toilets.
good news: I am good at learning history.
I also tried to draw a pineapple.....it didn't work out so well the first time..

"That doesn't look like a pineapple.......that looks like a creature named boo-boo...."

So earlier I was watching Happy Gilmore (I know, I'm a dork) and Chubbs was singing "We've Only Just Begun" (during Happy's happy moment) and it really creep-ed me out. If any of you have seen Stephen King's "1408" you'd know why. That movie has ruined that song for me. Just listening to this version now, to get this link, gave me chills....

It's been 2 weeks since I've updated and still there's not much to talk about.....I have less of a life than I thought I had ;O

Oh! This may seem a little girl-y but we found a box of barbies from my mother's/cousin's childhood and they are epic. There was once a time were Barbie wore other colors besides pink (true story). There was also a good amount of Disney barbies (which had to be the best ones)  and it was quite easy to pick out their clothes. Disney outfits = sparkles. :)

Well I guess this is goodbye, til next week, folks. Buenos Dias.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Well darn.

It seems I've forgotten to update two weeks in a row....well. You know what happened? Life. Surely I'll get it right one of these days and I'll do a more proper update ASAP. Tomorrow perhaps? We shall see. ^^

Here,  have a turtle. :]

Friday, September 16, 2011


Is am dead. Is going to bed. 

Note: Marching band is ridiculously tiring. 

Also note: Scanner is still broken.

Also, also note: comic updates will be on Saturdays, starting next week, 'til Marching Band is over (this is ridiculous).

Also, also, also note: I am tired. Am going to bed.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Painting pictures.

Leo probably doesn't look that bad to you but to me it's horrible :D That's an Artist's eye for you. Though despite his cuteness, he indeed is the hardest of the characters to draw (not that any of them are really hard). 
So, as you may have guessed, the scanner is still in a coma. We contemplated pulling the plug last week, but he just wouldn't quit. Plus...he kind of turned back on when we plugged him back in...

I drew a very cute scribble of bunnies. c: when the scanner is fixed I shall show you all.....

So. First week of school.

In Spanish class I've noticed that I 'm the only white person..(not that it matters, 'twas just an observation ^^). But I also noticed that no one will be my partner either. A connection? Maybe.
Also in Spanish class, after discovering I was 15 the Spanish teacher asked if I'd had a QuinceaƱera. A classmate behind me then hastily whispered "She's white!" Good times, good times.  

Being a sophomore now, I've gained this new sense of confidence (which is hastily diminished after Spanish...). What'cha going to do?

It's awesome when your smarter than everyone in chemistry. It's even more awesome when you win prizes c: (even if it's only a pair of shutter glasses that are apparently "fly", and you look "fly" in them, but you don't even know what "fly" means). It still feels pretty sweet. :]
You know what also feels pretty sweet? When you figure out a problem and get the correct answer while the teacher is off by 2.

Given my teeth follow no orthodontist and only the gods of mischief, I have a new retainer. Which annoyingly gives me some what of a lisp. It's a challenge to make myself talk without hitting it (like blondes and remembering to breath :D).

Well, despite having a nap, I'm still pretty tired. So, off to little ole bed I go. Sweet dreams :]

Friday, September 2, 2011

A Legitimate excuse.


In reality......:

Yeah..... Flying-friendship bracelet-making-clipboards will do that to you. Needless to say, the scanner is broken and I don't know when it'll be use-able again. Maybe next week? Probably not. You need money to fix things......well there'll be more time for sleep :] (I promise I'll make more comics instead....geez).

Behold! The reason why I shop thrift stores (yes, they carry diseases but atleast their slogans are a bit more.... classic.)
It's the last Friday before school starts and I'm gonna make it last, here at Schmohz Brewery living it up. Well. Not really "living it up" but I'm here.  :] 

And so, I'm off. Leaving only a picture, of my awesome self-painted Gameboy Advance SP, to plague you with. :D

                                              Happy Drinking :}

Friday, August 26, 2011

Don't drink the Kool-aid.

 Punch, Kool-aid, whatever you may call it--don't drink it. It makes one do crazy things.....like continuing to read this comic.... :D

Anybody still here? Good.

Saturday: As for Friday, being late, I'm sorry my body hates me so (my insides say: "SCREW YOU".. "THINK TWICE BEFORE EATING WHATEVER YOU ATE AGAIN" "Bwahahahahhaahaaaaaa"...:c). But it just so happens my mum wrote the note making it legit. :D Then, I'd planned to update today, Saturday, but my head began to ache (something that rarely happens, usually, but has been quite frequent lately) and I was told to relax--update tomorrow. So.....blame my parents. :3
Friday: Though, as you may know, I'm officially a week late. And so, here are how the excuses lay out:
  • Friday: Felt ill and was told to go to bed.
  • Saturday: Felt ill and was told to go to bed.
  • Sunday-Monday: Felt ill and thought screw it.
  • Tuesday: Madre was electrocuted.
  • Wednesday: "Might as well wait til Friday".
  • Thursday: School Orientation.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

OH! Remember Miss. Snooty Doctor Lady who thought my chest pains weren't caused by Asthma? Welp, it just so happens she called and guess what Megan got? A brand new--stronger--inhaler.

When at Band Camp, I wrote a note and stuck it on the mirror each morning.


By the end of the week I'm pretty sure my roommates hated me. 
Though I'm also pretty sure they thought Jenna was doing it.

So I got my hair dyed blue C: Not my whole head--like I usually do--but parts in the front and under. But, because my hair is so dark, we had to do some major bleaching first. For a whole 30 minutes I was blonde. O_O For a whileI feared it'd rinse out right away--and I'd be blonde--but after a couple of days the water ran clear and showering was magical again. 

Wednesday  night I laid down at 10:30 and, despite laying there for 4 hours, I didn't fall asleep til 2:30am. And I couldn't sleep in the next morning--which is a big no-no for Megan. I managed to get a nap today but it's just not working.....long story short: I'm going to bed.  

I keep planning out when I'm going to draw more comics but I keep using that time for sleep :]

Friday, August 12, 2011

Productive thinking.

I'm pretty sure they know where I live as well...

Band Camp. 55,665 steps in five days. I'd have more to report, but at this time of day that's about all that I can recall......cherry slushies and p-p-p-poker faces....The heat was bad--humidity too. With asthma and sprained muscles as well..... 
Freshman. I love being able to look down upon them now....There were quite a few "stupid freshman" moments while at CMU. One girl was surprised when her dorm didn't contain a mini bar. Others were disgusted by the quality of the rooms, "this is all that they can afford?!". I, on the other hand, thought the rooms were awesome (then again I don't get out much..). They were like little houses..8D
All of this plus the fall of Edward.

So, Saturday--after getting back from band camp--I had a little episode. Heart beating fast, I shook all over and couldn't seem to stand or even sit up without feeling faint. After stretching out on the hallway floor I'd eventually end up in bed, shivering slightly still until I fell asleep. No idea what happened. Here ends part one of the lame doctor. Part two begins on Monday when my madre called in my inhaler for a refill. The horror began when the nurse suggested we'd come in--not going to refill the script without doing so. Oh! Do I dislike the doctor. No matter what, you always seem to be doing something wrong.... TT_TT  But, anyway...we have to go 7:30pm that day and see a Dr. Larson--a new one for me. Goodness, do I dislike her so. She had no bedside manner whatsoever and towards the end I felt like a drug addict trying to proove that I had asthma. And the episode? Asthma? Heart Murmur? Nawwwwww. Must've been caffeine

Ya'll know about Holly Black right? Famous bestselling author? Well, most people know her for the Spiderwick chronicles..ringing any bells? Well I got to meet her Wednesday. AND she signed my book, White Cat. AND I gave her a hand-made necklace and she called it gorgeous. c: She almost was as geeked as Jenna and I.
Jenna made the sword charm and I the necklace in all. The charms represent some of her books; Tithe, Valiant, and White Cat. 

Guess what. I got out of the house! No, really! And with friends, no doubt. Er..well..a friend. But it was fun, nonetheless. C: 

A Mosquito was trying to get into my pants. Again, I could rephrase but then it'd be no fun. But, the unseen little bugger was unsuccessful. Though I still have a bite on my tummy. Right where my pants can rub against it (because I wear my pants up where they belong! Mostly because I'm too short for my pants to begin with...).  All things aside, it itches. BAD. And I've tried everything (meaning anti-itch cream and band-aids). Though my current set up (cotton swab drenched in vinegar band-aided to the bite) is working pretty well so far....so fingers cross--oh. Never mind.  

I'm going to bed now, night-night. :D

P.s. Lookie, lookie! I finished a comic on time~~ It only took me a couple of months....hmm...er..well....