Even if they clicked on it by accident, it still counts.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Flame Throwers = Unsafe.

Trudy is the guitar-not the rag doll-get it right guys (this means you, school chums). Mag is actually the rag doll, btw....she has some anger issues, but who wouldn't with that racket?  
This is actually a complete exaggeration of what happened with my sister and I one night. She has a guitar, one that she can't play, that she insists on blaring ("pling....pling.....PLING). Needless to say, I was a bit annoyed as well (Megan: "may just have to practice her guitar smashing skills if someone doesn't give it a rest... ._.") though I didn't really think about the flamethrower till I was drawing out the comic.   
So hey! This comic is actually on time! I mean, it's still friday (right?). It actually would've been up sooner for my eager fans (all six of you) if we hadn't realized we hadn't finished watching the Amnesia videos :D (don't know what I'm talking about? Look at the last comic, I'm waaaaay to lazy to leave a link so just go look for it). I've realized there's no way getting around my eager/lazy-ness to upload comics and so I've come to the conclusion that my minimum number of comic uploads will be one a week with my maximum being two (what could possibly go wrong with that? Just watch, eventually my maximum will increase to five, six, or seven). So some time during the week I may upload a bonus comic, but each week I'll definitely upload one on friday (excluding the times that I'll  end up uploading on saturdays xD)
So news flash! The next comic has a very childish argument that makes absolutely no sense! (it's actually one we actually had, for the stupidity of it all). Peace out! :D

P.S. Mag, in the first panel, is supposed to have dots all across her dress.....(I sooo didn't forget to ink them in..). I'd noticed it before, but never actually fixed it...perhaps one day I will xD   

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Everybody wants to be a rockstar.

I know, I know. It's a day late (though it's not like anyone is actually reading this at this point, right? Right.). The problem was we were up 'til 11pm (late, I know. We're such rebels) watching Amnesia: The Dark Descent videos (A very good reason for being late, I might add). Now Amnesia is a horrifyingly horror filled game with extreme terrifying terror. You play as Daniel whom wakes up in a dreary castle (the game taking place in the 1800's)  remembering only three things; his name, that he's from London, and something is hunting him. So for a little over 5 hours we were sitting there watching this guy named Toby play the game (his humorous comments make the game seem bearable. Though it scares my sister a heck of a lot more than it scares me...). If you aren't one of the easily frightened here's the link (it's not that bad at all...though I haven't watched all of them yet..): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDs8vDPLSRc .
It's quite ironic, the comic being late, considering I've been wanting to upload one all week. That'd be the reason as to why I told myself I'd only update on Fridays, otherwise I'd upload all the comics I currently have all at once--thus taking from my build up and creating weeks with out new comics. So stability or random up loadings? (statistics say I have to go with stability..)

Oh, and this is Elliot by the way. He can't play guitar x) 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Coming Soon-Le Gasp

To quote one of my favorite movies, I must say, "And so it begins". I've been pondering and actually freaking out about whether or not to actually go through with it and set this up (Yes. No, maybe? It could work, no. Yes. No. Yes. Screw it, let's just try it.). And today I, hopefully to your enjoyment (This means you; Jenna and Padre, the only two who are actually going to, probably, read this), have started the adventure of webcomic-ing (oh,dear this sounds quite like an essay....maybe I'm not cut out for this being a normal teenager thing..).

Ahhhhhhh. I'm starting to believe that my webcomic-ing career has been cursed by some Satan-devil-evil-person-thing. While uploading this cover page, I had to endure bone chilling frost as I waited for the last loading bar to fill in (our basement is, needless to say, very cold....). I swear 95% of the time spent loading was left on that last bar..(story of my life..). After which, typing away as I am now, I was forced to take breaks in between every couple of sentences (the computer freezing, coming back only to freeze again). This isn't look good so far...leave reassuring comments?

Oh, and Life less Times will, possibly, update on Fridays btw (maybe).