Even if they clicked on it by accident, it still counts.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


In both cases, if the events occurring in the movie were to happen, I'd probably be the extra floating to shore. (Dead)
Or at least I presume so. I tend to over think situations in the worst ways possible. 

I'd finally given in and started playing "Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword" (the giving in part being, that I was already playing a Zelda game and really shouldn't have started a new one. Plus, I'd be playing the Wii and doing not much of anything at all).
Eventually I had to go back to the first game I'd started, the one on the DS. Going back to the simpler smaller screen that is Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks was, uh, difficult.

I went from this:  

                                                                           To this:

After my very first Zelda experience (Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess) I was a little reluctant to play the other Zelda games. One thing that I really loved about the game was the art (this is also why I want an Xbox 360. They have many pretty games with epic art). But after Playing Spirit Tracks, I remembered that I also LOVE the story lines. Not as pretty looking Zelda games? We cool now.
Though playing them right after playing the pretty ones is kinda like "ewwwwwy."  

Also, I think Skyward Sword has the most awesome-ist villain. He's just so bad-a! 8D

Megan Elizabeth died Friday night at 8:00pm shortly after she laid down to sleep that night. She wasn't revived until 11:00am the next day after taking a 15 min. shower.
Seriously, man. This week has gone on forever. I didn't even have the energy to do much of anything with thought or passion. I was on autopilot (though I did feel better after 13 hours of sleep and a long hot shower ^^). 
Which! Brings me to my art class teacher's favorite joke (that makes absolutely NO sense, but you burst out laughing any way).
 A plane was flying when all of a sudden it crashed. What made the plane crash?
The pilot was a piece of bread! 
I know, absurd. But you at least giggled a little, right?

I felt like a real artist this week when, fixing a bit of my painting that I disliked, I used my hand as a palate.  
I am now happy with my painting of a Giraffe getting ready for a date. ^^
(this is the unedited version of the painting, btw)

I started reading "Zombies vs Unicorns", a collection of Zombie and Unicorn story where you get to decide which is better in the end. There was this one story that Jenna told me not to read because it was scary, at least not right before bed. I read it and it actually is now one of my favorites. ^^

Last week Friday, the last day for exams, my Padre woke me up as usual. I got up, took a 5 min. shower, got dressed, had breakfast, and promptly waited for my ride to arrive. She didn't come. 
Slightly puzzled, I looked at the clock. 
I looked at another clock. 2:05am. The all said it. 2:05am. Some how, my Padre misread 1:25am as 6:25am.  
Luckily being a glass half-full kind of gal rather than half-empty like Jenna I was a bit pleased.
Hey! Four more hours of sleep! 8D

There's probably more that I'm missing, but being as stuffed up and sickly as I've become now, I think I'm going to hit the hay.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Spanish Class

You'd think it'd be in Spanish....you'd think they wouldn't be saying it loud enough for the teacher to hear. You'd think the teacher would notice it. You'd also think that you wouldn't call your best friend a [rhymes with "witch"].
You'd think a lot before coming to our school.

Sometimes I think they have student teachers come to our school to scare them from the profession. Some of the others can be pretty bad sometimes.. In 8th grade, some of my fellow students ended a student teachers time a bit early. Though, the year before we also managed to have 5 calls to 911 and 4 ambulances....so...

I made four comics this week. Aren't you proud of me? 8D
It must be the weather or something....

Dust has become my worst enemy. I've been cleaning my room the last couple of days and the dust has been attacking my system D: 
When I leave the dust it doesn't bother me the slightest! But if I actually dust? I get the sniffles.
I hate the sniffles.

I've been trying to decide lately if I was a budding scientist or a demented child. When cleaning my room, I found a dead grasshopper that I'd kept (one found on my grandparents' driveway in Alabama) and the molting remains from one of my hermit crabs (R.I.P. Rex).
The scientist thing would also make sense with my whole rock collection, but I don't see how my toy cars fit into that. (two collections that my Papaw got me into ^^)

I am NOT alone! :D
One of the judges on "Face Off" also calls underwear underoos. ^^

Just ordered "Power Puff the complete series" and "Dexter's Laboratory: season one". Can't. Wait. 

Well, 'tis all for now. Toodles~

P.S. It's snowing. :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

"Tech support, this is Maxwell"

I'd like to say that this one hasn't actually happened to us....but it has.
Our Padre was on the phone tech supporting a costumer and  distinctly remember telling Jenna and me Madre to "shush!"--which is actually the sad part... We were watching re-runs of HBO's Boardwalk Empire and there was a scene with a top-less woman playing the banjo (a dirty political scheme, mind you ^^). At some point someone said something--probably about her being in the nude or something along those lines. As you probably have guessed I burst. 
My hand immediately smacked over my mouth. A bit amused, me Padre just went on with his customer. 
Whom had to have heard. x) 

Today was a good day. I was overly tired, but it was still good (when I initially woke up this morning I couldn't read the clock because of my sleepy vision :o ). Mainly because I finished my essay in English and thus worked on drawing comics the rest of the hour. I didn't finish any comic creations...but I started! :D
We also had a pep-band basket ball game. It was mainly spent playing DS in between playing my trombone.^^  I managed to defeat Phytops and keep up with each song!  

I don't know if it's because I'm getting sick or what but trombone playing has been a bit harder lately. I've felt dizzy after each song and I'm probably not breathing enough. It's kind of funny, but when you can't breath you  kind of sound drunk. You slur your notes and exclaim randomly. ^^
I also freaked out during my chair audition....but I don't want to talk about that. o_o

Because of schedule issues, Jenna and I were to have din-din at McDonalds and walk over to meet up with band folks. Because of my non-ability to eat large amounts of food I'd gotten a Happy Meal. ^^ Seeing other band-mates in the establishment (and being the little shy-girl) I then began to feel self-conscious about my decision. I was a big girl, right? And should socially be eating big girl food! I then thought "screw it".
I get a toy. 

So. Christmas.
I'm not the greatest at bragging about gifts...so here's the highlights.
Remote control Dalek!
Dalek "To Victory-" World War II poster!
A Nintendo Ds
-"Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks"!
-"Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass"!
-"Pokemon: Black"!
And "Legend of Zelda: Skyward" sword for the Wii! :D
There were, of course, others but....I can't distinctly remember them right now....

I cleaned my room and now every time I get out of bed I actually touch wood flooring! 8D (a novel concept, with my living habits I must admit).Though, my room is really only used for sleeping, storage, and sometimes as a guest room.... :o  

Every week I always think over what I'm going to type up in these things--yes I've been talking to myself--but whenever I get here I forget it all....
Perhaps I should start writing it down again..?
Any who! I'll try not to forget about you next week ^^

Tally ho!

P.s. On the way home form band tonight I was thinking I should appoint a "jerk" (something kind of like an editor who pokes and prods me about making comics). The name comes from the fact that I'll probably come to dislike this person and their nagging! 8D