Even if they clicked on it by accident, it still counts.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turkey Chasing Day

Here's to hoping your Turkey Chasing Day was awesome! And your Turkeys didn't explode, or something of that nature. ^w^

Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday, November 11, 2011

To fail or not to fail?

This kind of bothers me.  Especially when the freshman who were all so surprised the first time are even all more surprised about a month later to learn, yet again, that I'm a sophomore.

 Have you noticed how awesomely clean the comics have been looking lately? Well I have! :D The editing sight I use to brighten the colors (er....black...) in the comic advanced it's exposure options and it's totally awesome :D (there that's preppy-girl word again...). You saw the enhanced version, here's the original;
I don't even have to draw on printer paper anymore!! 8D
(if I didn't want to).

So, for my Mamaw's memory quilt Jenna and I were asked to draw/write something to put on it....
I think my picture captured her pretty well....
Oh! But there's another annoyance I've  come across this year. Whenever I'm doodling something spectacular (like my drawings of the bunnies or "Koi-ception"......I'll have to post them sometime..) they always say "Did you draw that?" "...... no my imaginary friend Bob here did it......." [insert annoyed face]

 AQ day at Aquinas today :o
T'was their math and science day, indeed. Jenna took math-y classes but I took a more serious course........Sacrifice of the Gummy Bears! >D Dropping them in some sort of chemical (psh....like I was paying attention to the real science) and the gummy bears EXPLODED! The sugar + the chemical made them burst into flames. 8D First it was Rubert that was to go, then Doris---who was quite resilient. She refused to go down the test tube then upon sliding to her fire-y death she cracked and broke off the bottom of the test tube, then oozing unto the table. Finally it was Waldo, a little orange one. 
We then tried to use a life saver instead :D (something almost completely made up of sugar ^^). We had a test tube full of fire >8D
In my second class I got to watch a presenter point out the organs within a dissected shark and cat. At first I thought I might have issues with the cat, being dead, domestic, and all, but after seeing it's face it kind of blew away all of the kind of sad feelings.....I'll save you the horrors of seeing a dissected cat and show you this instead.....

"Well he doesn't look happy"
He didn't know why, but all of the cats for dissection have this expression (aside from the tongue, we were just lucky this time :D). 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Contacts at hand.

Me thinks contacts are going to be in Mag's future.
I also think changing the updating day to Sunday may be in this comic's future. Though, I can't help that we've been going to Schmozh on Fridays a lot lately, and after doing so don't get home 'til 10. Plus, I was all hyped to do it on time this week but my blood sugar dropped, or something, and I was ready to pass out. I then tried again to get this done on Saturday but I fell ill, again. Life kind of hates me right now, or perhaps you since it's you in which I'm disappointing. C;


The Brodster was over again for the night. The highlight of today was when he got hold of the remote and tried to order some Adult XXX on demand. I worry 'bout that boy sometimes....

Guess what we did today? Watched Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel! 8D
Come on guys. It's NOT even Thanksgiving yet (not that I'm one to talk, I have been known to watch Christmas movies throughout the year).
And what is it with most Christmas movies? The characters always talk about how they stopped believing in Santa when he didn't bring them what they wanted. SUCH SELFISH CHILDREN. I, on the other hand, always figured he'd run out of what I wanted so he got me a surprise gift instead. Plus, surprise gifts are way better. It's easy to get something someone asks for but it's all the more special when they get you something out of the blue (that is, if you like the out of the blue present). And what gives? These children stop believing in him at the age of 8?! What the heck non-imaginative children?! You're still scared of the boogey man but you can't even fathom a jolly man in a red suit?! Well that's my footing on Santa Clause....only 'bout a month early.

New favorite game. :D

I had the urge to play a board game. But, form experience, I knew no one would play with me (and playing Sorry on your own is just not the same). So I went and got out a puzzle instead. Now I'm stuck doing a 500 piece puzzle of a forest. Basically ALL the pieces are green. o__o


AS promised, though late, here are some pictures from Spirit Week.

Yes, there are only three pictures when there is five in a school week. But these are the only outfits I really worked on (besides the last week, Spirit day, but I didn't actually get pictures for that...). I didn't really like my product of Celebrity day and so would rather not talk about it.....(though I WAS Pauly Perrette). 


I was a mime c: (very fitting, you see).
(((Also, also. I made my costume, per usual, and got a ribbon for original costume at the Halloween dance :D)))

The whole gang. ^^

It took me forever to carve this pumpkin..I kept forgetting about it.... x)

The light bulb was my idea. :D 

                                                   Again, yes. We are five.

We had a Halloween parade for Marching Band and I made my Trombone into a monster :D I also dressed up as Blue from Blue's Clues but we didn't get to taking any pictures of that either....

Well that's enough photo spamming for tonight. Off to bed now :)
P.S. Madison got a new doggy bed and O'Malley does not appreciate the size.