Even if they clicked on it by accident, it still counts.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Fish. Tacos. Fish Tacos?

Maxwell likes cute things...in one way he's kind of like a robotic pedophile. Oh....how I messed up a lot inking this page....This is actually the second time I'd inked it (the horror... :c) This situation was exactly the opposite of what happened in Allie's childhood (How A Fish Almost Destroyed My Childhood her blog is awesome, I highly recommend it).  It came to me that Maxwell could've just thrown the fish back but a.) that would ruin the ending of my comic and b.) what if a bigger fish came swishing by? :c We let Jenna's giant-domestic gold fish in the wild a couple of years ago.....psh...he's probably dead...

So, Jenna and I were talking about how when Harry Potter first came out (the book~) she was only 4 or 5 and how our cousin Katie was 11 and how MAGICAL it must have been for her. "Think how awesome it would've been when to have been reading Harry Potter and thinking MY letter to Hogwarts could be coming any day". All I could say was "That could never happen, Jenna. We don't live in Britain."

Not much to talk about :o Just a lot of Schmohz-ing tonight (Schmohz). Though I will leave you with many links :D (wanna watch what would ruin a band's career in 13 minutes and 40 seconds? What an idiot...). As well as a few biology fun facts (I love bombarding my family with seemingly useless fun facts :D and now, I shall bombard you with them too). 1.) Humans share many of the same genes with bananas. 2.) humans only have twice as many genes as a fruit fly. And 3.) Each human, genetically, are 99.9% alike (we're only .1% different o:).
  Now enough with my boring-ness, I'm going to bed.....

Sunday, April 24, 2011




Oh, I can already hear the Church people readying their pitchforks for me even referring to Easter as that...Oh, well!
Basically, today, I'm just gonna spam my followers (all eight of you~) with pictures of my awesome Easter eggs :D (enjoy~)

After dying our eggs, I made a fountain out of mugs! 8D

  Recognize  these smexy people? (no? failure indeed...)                  

Yes, I ate an unborn chick. And I LIKED IT. 

Gotta catch 'em all......


(This ones my favorite :D)

(This was Jenna's only good one :D)

Ain't it awesome? 8D (yes, "ain't", usually upon becoming excited my proper English is the first to go...)

Look at our loot! :D

Yes, really, Nancy Drew games.....Jenna and I've always been addicted to them (since 2nd grade, for me) though lately it's become a bit worse...And so, indeed, we play games that are meant for 10 year olds (well, 10 and up) and have to look up walkthroughs in order to actually finish them......

So that's all for today, the spamming ends here (yay? :D). Everyone enjoy their Easter, I definitely will with my yummy steak (I could be anything, BUT a vegetarian :D).

Friday, April 22, 2011

Do YOU like waffles?

Yeah.....so this is a bit of a culture reference (a geeky culture reference at that..xD). Watch the video to understand it better, now do YOU like Waffles? (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtlaTNI1TaU). Because of this Jenna (my sister) no longer likes waffles....("Do you like waffles?" "NO!"). Now Leo using the whole "list-off-every-and-any-possible-thing-in-case-he-likes-it-in-order-to-interest-him-into-talking" tactic (one that almost always works on me! :D when given the right combination of words, of course ^^). So, this happened between me and the other shy kid (only, both being shy, it was a lot less abrupt of course). He really likes this song, no one else did, and so I was glad to help him torture the others :D

How many Megans does it take to make a pitcher of Kool-aid? Only one, but she needs to be supervised. I swear the directions for those are in some sort of code that my mind can't comprehend....I think the idiots I go to school with are beginning to rub off on me, which I guess isn't necessarily a bad thing. Their stupidity can be quite entertaining. Like how, when scolded by a teacher, their response is "I didn't do nothing" So, you did something? They can't comprehend the concept of double negatives...(yes, I go to a ghetto school...). A couple of days ago someone also wrote on my folder, crossing out letters to create (what they thought was) an inappropriate word. I wasn't really mad at all I just wrote next to it "Idiots. There's a "t" in "Crotch", learn to spell before vandalizing my stuff again. Thanks! :)"  
Then there was last week, when someone was starting the argument that we could live on without the sun. There were many ways I could end this argument swiftly, though I chose the most obvious one. "Without the sun plants wouldn't be able to take part in photosynthesis and thus wouldn't be able to produce oxygen". Not another word was said. They've also come to believe that Hitler was an ancient emperor of Rome, Disney land is one of the wonders of the world, and Russians don't speak Russian.  

Considering the encyclopedia I put at the end of last week's comic, this is probably it for today (plus I ran out of things to blab about...miracle I know!)  My teachers have told me I write too much, though I hadn't thought much of it 'til I started comic-ing.....Oh! though you all should open the command box on your computer and copy this, exactly, into it: telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl
It's Magical! :D 

P.S. click mehhhhh :D How does he move? Do they just kick him?                                 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Loner Octopi Unite!

This is basically (occasionally) what a conversation with me looks like (I being Oscar of course). Needless to say, I talk a lot more here then I do in a whole school day. Oscar is a pink rubber octopus ^^ (he's also featured int the copy right at the bottom of the page in his pink glory :D). So in panel 3, Leo's face brings back memories of Land Before Time movies :D That picture reminds me of Chomper :3 This is completely off topic but "I wanna be like you", "Sing sweet Nightingale", and "Reflection" have all been stuck in my head today...(they're songs from Disney movies, fool...). Oh....I'm so awesome at bubble letters...

Yes, yes. I know it's Saturday and the page clearly says "Updates on Fridays" but I do believe I have a very good reason for being late. We had a jazz band event yesterday and, after having a week like this one, I was dead (mentally, of course. If I were physically dead there'd probably be a 75% chance that I wouldn't be updating right now....is there a blogger site in the after life? Who knows.) For one, it's the first week back from spring break (which was exceptionally average. Saw three movies; Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader's, Arthur, and The Breakfast Club. Each were good, though I hate how all the endings of Narnia movies are sad 8C) and my sleeping schedule was in no way trained for waking up at 6:oo am that Monday morning. Then there were the stresses later in the week..... 

Basically (I'll try and keep this short....I had to rant somewhere..) Boy A told Boy B that he thought I was ugly then Boy B told me (stupid move, right?). Now when ever Boy A talks about any one I immediately assume he's talking bad about me (it's amazing how fast self-esteem can drop in a matter of seconds, if only Boy B hadn't effing told me). There's really only one reason why this bothers me. Boy A and I don't even know each other at all (we know each other's names, yes, but we don't even have eye contact let alone verbal.) But I will not falter! That's only one negative opinion out of the many that called me pretty! :D (all those strangers can't be wrong, r-right?). I look like my Mamaw (grandma) and wouldn't change a thing because of one stupid boy, especially one that looks like he's 8 in high school and has a girl's name.

I would've updated earlier today, but I had a soccer game. In the rain. In the cold rain. Lot's of people slipped in the mud though few actually fell (I didn't f-aaaaaall, I didn't f-aaaaaaaall). So, someone on the other team fell and I asked if they were okay, they responded "Are YOU okay?" with a smirk. I wanted to knock his teeth in.

On a happier note we have: mint hot chocolate mix and thin mints, funny like-pages on facebook ("Who came up with hugs? The very first hug must have really been creepy. 'What're you doing?.......why are you holding me?' 'Just......trust me on this one'") , and cute puppies to cheer me up. Oh! A-and an artist on deviantart commissioned a piece of art featuring some of my friends and I :D (I'm the girl in the middle):

I in no way made this, it completely and utterly belongs to ScottFalco on deviant arthttp://scottfalco.deviantart.com/
(he's had some work stolen lately :c)   

That's about all, I guess.....maybe I should start posting this in a smaller font so they don't look as long?
Bonjour~ (heh, spell check thought I meant "Banjo".....xD)

Friday, April 8, 2011

"I'll Follow you until you Love me": A Megan Comic

Get to know me, with a Megan Comic! 8D (lame head-liner, I know....just ignore it..)

Yeah....so that's 'bout how my year's been going... not that it really happens that often (except panel seven, which used to happen quite often to my dis-may)--or to this extent. Though really only the first couple panels were exaggerated (but it certainly felt that way in my mind), I only got chocolates. ;)  My ego has to have grown at least 3x it's size with the help of these guys and an additional hobo or two...I have no idea where they're getting their image of a smexy beast from but it definitely can't be from me (apparently my ego hasn't grown enough).

I apologise to all of you "creepy" guys out there (I know their watching and listening. Shhhh, we must be quiet.....). In reality your probably not creepy at all, this is just how my imagination works. I'm in no way used to the attention (or maybe you really are creepy, who knows? :D).

It may seem like I brag a lot upon receiving compliments (or witnessing kind acts toward others) but I have a pretty darn good reason for it. It's really a shy-inter-city-student-with-a-brain's security blanket; the compliments. It replenishes hope in human kind[ness] (which is diminished upon going to a an inter-city public school). Now, just ignore my bragging. For if it's a hobo calling me beautiful or a soccer team mate thinking I'm pretty, I'm sure to brag about it. ;) 

Well my excuse today isn't tire-ness related :D (I'm sure you all are tired of me complaining about being tired...). But I am quite ill to the core upon breathing in my mother's, apparently, delicious soup. The aroma made me want to vomit in some one's lap..(there's really no polite way to say that so I might as well use the words I want, right? right). So I'm off to relax, pondering only of the phone call we mysteriously received from Montreal...(it t'was weird).

P.S. Does the last panel sound familiar to anyone? "A, B, C, D. E, F, G. Gummi Bears are chasing me. One is red, one is blue. The yellow one just.....ate my shoe" :D

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Movie Madness :D

[For those whom are movie-declined; Jurassic Park, Dumbo, War Games, and Chucky]

Yeah....I don't have a life.. xD Otherwise this would have taken me five days (or something) instead of 3 hours (or so). ^^ This kind of popped into my head while watching Jurassic Park for the first time (I know right? Crazy!) when I realized Leo is (technically) a T-Rex! :D (though we all have doubted it at times...). I've actually watched most of these! :D (all except for Chucky, no I'm not a wimp I just haven't seen it). Though, in my opinion, Mag makes a pretty darn good Chucky.

So, last comic update (yesterday) I forgot to blab about something ("Dang it, I feel like I'm forgetting something"). Luckily, for all of you, I remembered! 8D As of last week, I have three doodles on the page (though my "avid readers" may have already noticed). If not, then look along the the side of the page and then scroll all the way to the bottom (my awesome new copy right resides there :D).

And that's about it, no additional blabbering today c: See you Friday,  I guess....
Happy lunch time C:

Friday, April 1, 2011

Guessing games.

Leo really shouldn't be left alone with Mag...she tends to have a mischievous mind. Matched only by her horrifically horrifying faces...("The picture you just drew [panel six] is going to give me nightmares"). If Mag can't give you nightmares, this may: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sedlec_Ossuary (at least to the fragile minded person, just think of how many individuals are "stored there"). It amazes me how games can be twisted in so many ways....though this is as "dirty" as it's ever getting (sorry all whom are entertained by such dirty jokes, mine wouldn't be funny anyway considering my 95% innocent way of the thinking). Though even this amount of inappropriate-ness gave me cool points among the guy friends (needless to say, they really like dirty jokes-even if they make absolutely no sense. o.o). 

Lately I've been freaking out about whether or not I should start coloring these comics (I've been coloring A LOT lately and I kind of wanted an excuse to be able to color even more ^^). But with school, drawing, inking, not having a life, sleep, and more I naturally would eventually begin to stress out about markers and coloring wouldn't be fun any more... :c We've now come to the conclusion that my comics will now act as coloring pages: print 'em out and color 'em up. :D 

Not much else to report tonight, 'cept the gas leak in Modern Problems, an adorable (use-less) solar-powered owl I bought ( http://www.dealextreme.com/p/cute-solar-powered-shaking-desktop-toy-owl-15095), and my long missingm (now found) A in Algebra . Though these stories kind of speak for themselves. But, when we went downtown (twice this week) there wasn't any run ins with hobos! :D (that's good right?).

As the Elizabethans would say, "Good Morrow" Ü

P.S. Dang it, I feel like I'm forgetting something 8C