Even if they clicked on it by accident, it still counts.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day.

Hopefully your Mother wasn't hit by an asteroid! And she's still around to bug the crap out of you! :D

We wanted to get my Madre one of those Hallmark flowers that bloom but apparently they're pretty popular. I'm not sure what's so special about a magical blooming flower made of aweso--oh wait. Yeah...
So our Madre had to deal with real flowers instead, it's such a drag, right?

No, the purple flowers are totally not a weed I found in the backyard. Why would you say that?
But really they are, though my Padre honestly thought I jumped someone's fence and snatched them from their garden. Now where would he get an idea like that? 
The only backyard I break into is our own, thank you very much.

Pet peeve of the week? "Megans" with an "h".
Had a permission slip for a field trip;

Then my name tag for the event came;

I can't win. 

While drawing this doodle I was able to think of some of the character's back story. Which was actually, sort of fun, and I'm all excited about my comic once again. I can't wait to start creating some awesome stuff. Hopefully this high will last long enough to get me through the rest of the school year...... 
I know it's mother's day, and I should technically be honoring my mother, but here's to you, readers. 
Though I'm...well, me, you've managed to stick around.

But, considering a good portion of you are either related to me our are like family, I'd be a bit disappointed if you didn't. x)  

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cell Phones

I usually can figure things out pretty well. But one thing I don’t understand; cell phones.

Everybody has to have the new and coolest ones and even toddlers are walking around with iPhones ordering pizzas, what’s the deal? Usually this wouldn’t bug me, it’s America; toddlers have the right to have their cell phones, but then even the toddlers are giving me weird looks.
I don’t understand! Or maybe, I do? My phone isn’t the coolest thing; some might call it stone-age material. But it works!
I pull out my phone and people smirk, they stop and stare, and laugh ‘til the end of times.

“It’s just a phone, keep walking, folks.” I really don’t understand the hilarity in it. Perhaps you could shed some light on it?

What? You too?! Well, thank you very much; laugh away. I look like a boss walking down the street with this thing.

Guys, I have to tell you a secret….I don’t own a cell phone.

Last Friday when Jenna and I were at Schuler’s I picked up a book and scanned the bio. “Amy” or whatever her name was “has gotten the best birthday present from her aunt this year, a ticket on the Titanic”. So far so good, I like historical fictions and I like the Titanic. “There she meets a boy in first class named”—let’s call him Bill—“Bill.” Okay, a bit of a Romance, still not bad. I am a girl after all. “But then they discover something, werewolves are real—and they’re after them.”  What?   
Really, the shiny cover should’ve given it away, but I figure I judge books by their covers all the time, I gave it a chance. 
“I’m very disappointed in you Titanic fiction. Why you try and be Twilight? You can be so much better! Ugh.”  

I remember my loved ones who actually read the Twilight Saga trying to reread it and failing to do so.
“We’ve already sniffed the crack that lined the pages so there’s not enough to get us through it again.”
This may also be why I could never read them; all of the crack was gone. :c

I got on Facebook one day and it was all like "your account was accessed from an unusual place, check it out and see if it's coolio?" My account was accessed from Japan. ._.
"No, dude. That's not coolio." So, now my password is like 32+ characters long. :D  

Seeing as I don’t miraculously forget to update tonight, its Friday and I’m updating!
Even if it isn't Friday when this uploads, it is Friday in my English class when I’m typing this. So, there.
I shall try and make a habit of this; updating on Fridays, not goofing off during class.
[See, I would post it now, but I don’t have the comic with me. What’s my boring yakking without the pretty pictures? Crap, that’s what it is. Crap]

Well, in an hour, after chemistry, were off to get ice cream. Will, hopefully, post this tonight. You’ll see this then! Er….now. You’ll see this now…. My goodness, time travel is hard. 

Saturday: I've only recently realized why I'm so tired by nine o'clock, by then I've been  up for 15 hours! And I only sleep about 8 hours during the week.....(at my age, I'm supposed to have 9.25). I would've updated sooner but I fell asleep on a couch. A couch that wasn't even ours. O.O