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Friday, July 29, 2011


It's happened. Many of my classmates lacked the ability of thought....(water + nothing = ?)

So, found the perfect place to hang up my "No Face" costume.....over my bed..c: (whaaaa? it was the only bare wall in my room....). Now I can sleep at ease with a tortured face looming over me 8D Ya'know...'til a couple of nights ago when it fell and landed on my face...but....

Had another brush with fame. :D

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. 'Nuff said. Maybe not, this show is awesome c: And Jennas gonna buy me a my little pony toy :D Yes. I AM five years old. Thank you very much.

I think I may have a problem. A Sims problem. The only problem being that Sims 2 is making the computer run slow which in turn makes Sims 2 run slow. Which is where the problem is (plus, ya'know, the fact that I haven't been working on comics at all......technicalities...)  

Lune of the week: Steven Dollins

Lots of working on the WORLD'S LARGEST BEANBAG CHAIR this week....it t'was very tiring. And there were some (er..one) people (person) with very bad attitudes when it came to doing what they were told (not to do). Plus, comfort research sent the strips late--we couldn't finish this week-- and so they're going to be finished while we're at band camp next week (missing the fun with fun?). BUT they did give Jenna and I free beanbag chairs, "cause we're awesome :D (and because we've helped since day one with the concept and such, but mostly just because we're awesome). O'Malley really likes mine...but who wouldn't? They're beanbag chairs with back support and cup holders! 8D It may become my new comic-ing/blogging chair :3

My Betty Boop calender makes me feel like a pervert. ._.
To explain the contents of my bulletin board: I keep everything.

Hmph. You guys should comment more. ._. 
A) So that I know you're out there, legit. And b) to feed my blogger addiction to comments C:
Pwease? :c

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wanting a Sim-ple life.

Sometimes I like to pretend that people actually read this. You know, other than you guys. :D

You'd think if I had enough time to make up this excuse, for being late again, I'd have enough to make a comic. But, alas, here I go. This week has been the second most stressful weeks this summer. I had to;

  • Work on the world's largest beanbag chair <--where I messed up my knee.
  • Design/Create a label for and Old Orchard juice contest. <--sooooo not winning
  • Create a logo for GVSU's writing camp's t-shirts.
  • Sleep. 

All while playing Sims 2 and Nancy Drew games in between. Needless to say its been a long week and it's just going to carry on to the next week. ._. Plus, I haven't made any new comics lately...I kind of have only one---that is finished---left. So....a Sims 2 themed thing will have to do.....

Well, at least I was late because I was busy in life...not just, ya know the usual, forgetting.... 

Blue lake-ness:
I'm glad I'm not like other girls. Because when I know there is a lightening bug in the cabin, I don't have issues falling asleep. It's just a lightening bug. ._.

Promise there'll be more, an actual comic, next week? Chyes? 

Friday, July 15, 2011

And every breath we drew was Hallelujah

*clears throat* I'M BACK!! :D Now ya'll can celebrate. Or, ya know, I could just celebrate some more. Needless to say, I didn't enjoy camp very much. I was there for 12 days and I didn't make any friends 'til the the 7th day. Plus it was extremely strict and if I notice that then it must be strict considering how chill I am (in my paranoid-laid back way). Plus, honestly, I'm in no way used to preppy white kids. ._.

You couldn't have band-aids. Unless, of course, you were a dancer (for blisters and such). If you needed one you'd have to go through the unit director where he/she would then document your need for a band-aid. Yeah. I know. But yes, no band-aids. Which was bad for me considering I'd brought some knowing I'd get hurt. I had my own stash and I felt like a drug dealer. But still, I used my band-aids lots and upon one of my cabin-mates approaching me I'd already planned out what I'd say. "I'll promise not to get high off of my band-aids if you promise not to tell anyone that I have them." 
Band-aid stuck. In my nose. Blergh. 

Shower time became a trip to the race horses. It was hectic and no one really won. My first shower experience there was horrible. I was stressed, tired, my clothes got all wet (because of the lack of water control), and I couldn't figure out how to turn the flipping water off. Why can't every shower system just be the same? I had to sleep in soggy under-roos :[ 
Luckily though, the next day, my showering experience would be magical. :3 

At Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp
I began to think more creatively.

Being a girl at camp in 80 degree weather, at some point I was going to need to shave my legs. Even if I had the confidence, I could never go European style. o__o But I'd already taken my daily shower, so I started to ponder.

I just went ahead and took another shower.

Despite my torturing experiences, I did manage to walk away with some pretty fantastical artwork. See two of my favorites below, darlings:

^ This was a drawing of my sculpture teacher's rocking bike. Upon drawing this, my drawing and painting teacher asked if I was one of the many camper girls whom had a crush on him. "Nope, just his bike."

I love his bike, man.

Yes, that is a peacock made from a mold of my hand painted blue. It's just wonderful that you noticed. c:

As many of my avid readers and, well, everybody knows Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 has been released. At 12:01am this morning. Though, having bought our tickets at the last minute, or family had to putter to the 12:02am show instead (quite sad, I know c;). Yes. We again are those kind of people. Ones who see Harry Potter and Toy Story at midnight (or midnight o'two). Regardless, it was epic. AND Jenna and I decided, the day before, that we were gonna dress up. :3

Jenna was a Ravenclaw student and I in Hufflepuff. Though, those who go to  Harry Potter showings don't seem to be as friendly as those who go to JAFAX and so no one thought us to be as awesome as we thought we were. ;)

So, we caught ourselves another woodchuck. And this one would live to see another day, unlike the last. x]

Well, darlings, I think it's 'bout time I go to bed. Since I've gotten back from camp I've been as sick as a dog on and off. Even after my epic bubble bath I'm feeling a bit ill. There were a lot of pictures tonight but I'll probably remember more stories of camp to blab about next week. Hoping your looking forward to it and I'll see you then c: