Even if they clicked on it by accident, it still counts.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bedtime Stories

Most tend not to talk about silly things they do when they're alone...I make comics about it. 

Today I kept finding things to do besides updating.
Oh, I have to do homework!
I have to make my bed!
I have to practice my Trombone!
Jenna's senior pictures? They need editing!
Hmmm..there's still that bridge to jump off of...

I don't know why my sub-conscience finds this so torturous ._.

I got a tablet for my birthday. c:
I could just draw on the computer now.
 I couldn't cheat on pencil and paper.
We're tight like that.

 So, when I make something I tend to go show it off to my Padre. Jenna will tell me what's "wrong with it" and my Madre won't "get it", so he's the only one left over. 
Though, he's never quite enthusiastic with his responses....
One day, while watching this commercial, I told my Padre he had to be more like the mom. Though, "you're so amazing, Megan!" was more of what I was going for. ;)
Today I made a spectacular birthday gift for my cousin (while avoiding ya'll). When I was done, I started showing it off, expecting similar responses that I'd gotten in the past. Apparently he'd been taking notes;
"Oh, cool!"    
"You'll never know."

(I still couldn't stop smiling to myself for an hour)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

2-gether 4-ever.

Insert the chorus of "awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww"s. This just comes to show how cheese-y I can be. c:

I'm sorry. I've been, like, dead for two weeks straight. Plus, we've been going to Schmohz on Fridays (after a long day of school and WMCAT) and after going to dinner we don't get home 'til 9 or 10. And that's waaay past Megan's bedtime. Then I forget to update Saturday, and by Sunday I'm usually in the "I've already updated" mind set. Plus, as of last week, I've been getting a virus or something. Which, in no way, helps the lack of sleep that I'm feeling.
Inadvertently, I've managed to miss playing tests in band, which you'd think I'd be psyched about missing them. But really I keep having the inevitable pushed off when in reality I just want to get the nasty thing over with.  

Also, Wicked should be an animated movie. Just saying.

Oh! I also got 4th chair Trombone! I've actually been there for a couple of weeks now, but I was still super excited about it (unlike, say, Jenna I'm okay with not being #1 ^^). Though, I was mostly excited by the fact that I actually scored higher than one of the other trombones who just started playing this year (I've known newbies to be waaay better then me when I've been playing since....5th grade..and still am...well...bad). Oh, oh! And we also got a 2 at solo ensemble last week! It's only my fifth red ribbon....[insert "why..?" face]

My birthday is Thursday :D
At first Jenna was complaining about how I get to turn 16 on the 16th. "Hey! You'll eventually get to turn 27 on the 27th... :D" It didn't seem to make her feel any better.. x)

Also, also. Wizard of Oz piracy ad. For the win. ^^

We babysat Brody (cute 18-month baby that we loaned out from my cousin) again. When you tickle him he makes automated baby sounds (sounds that every automated talking baby doll makes).
"Do you make automated baby sounds? Yes you do! Yes you do!"
Later we to played monkey in the middle with his favorite blanket (don't worry, he was smile-y and happy about it ^^). Then my Padre did the whole quickly-pretend-to-throw-blanket-but-not-actually-throwing-it thing. Brody preceded to look all over (in the direction he presumably threw it in) with no success.
We can't even trick the dog with that move. [insert uncontrollable laughter] 
People really shouldn't let us near their children. o_o

Well, that's all for now I suppose.