Even if they clicked on it by accident, it still counts.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Don't drink the Kool-aid.

 Punch, Kool-aid, whatever you may call it--don't drink it. It makes one do crazy things.....like continuing to read this comic.... :D

Anybody still here? Good.

Saturday: As for Friday, being late, I'm sorry my body hates me so (my insides say: "SCREW YOU".. "THINK TWICE BEFORE EATING WHATEVER YOU ATE AGAIN" "Bwahahahahhaahaaaaaa"...:c). But it just so happens my mum wrote the note making it legit. :D Then, I'd planned to update today, Saturday, but my head began to ache (something that rarely happens, usually, but has been quite frequent lately) and I was told to relax--update tomorrow. So.....blame my parents. :3
Friday: Though, as you may know, I'm officially a week late. And so, here are how the excuses lay out:
  • Friday: Felt ill and was told to go to bed.
  • Saturday: Felt ill and was told to go to bed.
  • Sunday-Monday: Felt ill and thought screw it.
  • Tuesday: Madre was electrocuted.
  • Wednesday: "Might as well wait til Friday".
  • Thursday: School Orientation.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

OH! Remember Miss. Snooty Doctor Lady who thought my chest pains weren't caused by Asthma? Welp, it just so happens she called and guess what Megan got? A brand new--stronger--inhaler.

When at Band Camp, I wrote a note and stuck it on the mirror each morning.


By the end of the week I'm pretty sure my roommates hated me. 
Though I'm also pretty sure they thought Jenna was doing it.

So I got my hair dyed blue C: Not my whole head--like I usually do--but parts in the front and under. But, because my hair is so dark, we had to do some major bleaching first. For a whole 30 minutes I was blonde. O_O For a whileI feared it'd rinse out right away--and I'd be blonde--but after a couple of days the water ran clear and showering was magical again. 

Wednesday  night I laid down at 10:30 and, despite laying there for 4 hours, I didn't fall asleep til 2:30am. And I couldn't sleep in the next morning--which is a big no-no for Megan. I managed to get a nap today but it's just not working.....long story short: I'm going to bed.  

I keep planning out when I'm going to draw more comics but I keep using that time for sleep :]

Friday, August 12, 2011

Productive thinking.

I'm pretty sure they know where I live as well...

Band Camp. 55,665 steps in five days. I'd have more to report, but at this time of day that's about all that I can recall......cherry slushies and p-p-p-poker faces....The heat was bad--humidity too. With asthma and sprained muscles as well..... 
Freshman. I love being able to look down upon them now....There were quite a few "stupid freshman" moments while at CMU. One girl was surprised when her dorm didn't contain a mini bar. Others were disgusted by the quality of the rooms, "this is all that they can afford?!". I, on the other hand, thought the rooms were awesome (then again I don't get out much..). They were like little houses..8D
All of this plus the fall of Edward.

So, Saturday--after getting back from band camp--I had a little episode. Heart beating fast, I shook all over and couldn't seem to stand or even sit up without feeling faint. After stretching out on the hallway floor I'd eventually end up in bed, shivering slightly still until I fell asleep. No idea what happened. Here ends part one of the lame doctor. Part two begins on Monday when my madre called in my inhaler for a refill. The horror began when the nurse suggested we'd come in--not going to refill the script without doing so. Oh! Do I dislike the doctor. No matter what, you always seem to be doing something wrong.... TT_TT  But, anyway...we have to go 7:30pm that day and see a Dr. Larson--a new one for me. Goodness, do I dislike her so. She had no bedside manner whatsoever and towards the end I felt like a drug addict trying to proove that I had asthma. And the episode? Asthma? Heart Murmur? Nawwwwww. Must've been caffeine

Ya'll know about Holly Black right? Famous bestselling author? Well, most people know her for the Spiderwick chronicles..ringing any bells? Well I got to meet her Wednesday. AND she signed my book, White Cat. AND I gave her a hand-made necklace and she called it gorgeous. c: She almost was as geeked as Jenna and I.
Jenna made the sword charm and I the necklace in all. The charms represent some of her books; Tithe, Valiant, and White Cat. 

Guess what. I got out of the house! No, really! And with friends, no doubt. Er..well..a friend. But it was fun, nonetheless. C: 

A Mosquito was trying to get into my pants. Again, I could rephrase but then it'd be no fun. But, the unseen little bugger was unsuccessful. Though I still have a bite on my tummy. Right where my pants can rub against it (because I wear my pants up where they belong! Mostly because I'm too short for my pants to begin with...).  All things aside, it itches. BAD. And I've tried everything (meaning anti-itch cream and band-aids). Though my current set up (cotton swab drenched in vinegar band-aided to the bite) is working pretty well so far....so fingers cross--oh. Never mind.  

I'm going to bed now, night-night. :D

P.s. Lookie, lookie! I finished a comic on time~~ It only took me a couple of months....hmm...er..well....

Friday, August 5, 2011

"Message in a Bottle": A Megan Comic

That'd be a miracle. The "one size fits most" ways of fortune cookies diminish the allure and magic. Yeah, we had Chinese for dinner, very tasty indeed.

So this one time at band camp....

Ugh.....I'm too tired. Sleeping was hard to come by this week I'll do a "band camp" update tomorrow or something. Night all c:

Note to self: Start planning better (this comic was made 15 minutes ago. ._.)
                      Start sleeping more.
                      (Start planning while I'm sleeping?)