Even if they clicked on it by accident, it still counts.

Friday, September 16, 2011


Is am dead. Is going to bed. 

Note: Marching band is ridiculously tiring. 

Also note: Scanner is still broken.

Also, also note: comic updates will be on Saturdays, starting next week, 'til Marching Band is over (this is ridiculous).

Also, also, also note: I am tired. Am going to bed.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Painting pictures.

Leo probably doesn't look that bad to you but to me it's horrible :D That's an Artist's eye for you. Though despite his cuteness, he indeed is the hardest of the characters to draw (not that any of them are really hard). 
So, as you may have guessed, the scanner is still in a coma. We contemplated pulling the plug last week, but he just wouldn't quit. Plus...he kind of turned back on when we plugged him back in...

I drew a very cute scribble of bunnies. c: when the scanner is fixed I shall show you all.....

So. First week of school.

In Spanish class I've noticed that I 'm the only white person..(not that it matters, 'twas just an observation ^^). But I also noticed that no one will be my partner either. A connection? Maybe.
Also in Spanish class, after discovering I was 15 the Spanish teacher asked if I'd had a QuinceaƱera. A classmate behind me then hastily whispered "She's white!" Good times, good times.  

Being a sophomore now, I've gained this new sense of confidence (which is hastily diminished after Spanish...). What'cha going to do?

It's awesome when your smarter than everyone in chemistry. It's even more awesome when you win prizes c: (even if it's only a pair of shutter glasses that are apparently "fly", and you look "fly" in them, but you don't even know what "fly" means). It still feels pretty sweet. :]
You know what also feels pretty sweet? When you figure out a problem and get the correct answer while the teacher is off by 2.

Given my teeth follow no orthodontist and only the gods of mischief, I have a new retainer. Which annoyingly gives me some what of a lisp. It's a challenge to make myself talk without hitting it (like blondes and remembering to breath :D).

Well, despite having a nap, I'm still pretty tired. So, off to little ole bed I go. Sweet dreams :]

Friday, September 2, 2011

A Legitimate excuse.


In reality......:

Yeah..... Flying-friendship bracelet-making-clipboards will do that to you. Needless to say, the scanner is broken and I don't know when it'll be use-able again. Maybe next week? Probably not. You need money to fix things......well there'll be more time for sleep :] (I promise I'll make more comics instead....geez).

Behold! The reason why I shop thrift stores (yes, they carry diseases but atleast their slogans are a bit more.... classic.)
It's the last Friday before school starts and I'm gonna make it last, here at Schmohz Brewery living it up. Well. Not really "living it up" but I'm here.  :] 

And so, I'm off. Leaving only a picture, of my awesome self-painted Gameboy Advance SP, to plague you with. :D

                                              Happy Drinking :}