Even if they clicked on it by accident, it still counts.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Christmas!~

Cutting it a little close, eh? 
There's really only 38 minutes of Christmas left....

But that's just how I roll.
(Happy Christmas~~)

Friday, December 23, 2011

We will walk 500 miles...

.......and we will walk 500 more, just to be the men who walk a 1,000 miles to fall down at your....uh....manger.

I'm not dead! (thus, am very sorry for skipping out on you last week). I've had Christmas on the brain. :3 (thus kept forgetting to update).  But I shall try my best to remember. :o

My teeth have been hanging out with the Gods of mischief without my knowledge again..
Despite the TWO retainers that SHOULD be holding them in place they choose to crook-ify themselves. I'll be the little ole grandma, kicking whipper-snappers off my lawn, the sun gleaming off my braces and blinding all that dare to look. They'll have to put braces on my dentures. .___.

Going to Meijer at 9 o'clock at night with my Padre 'tis very entertaining. We run through the aisles and him and Jenna try--and fail--at hiding from me. Then we found some kitchen timers and set them all to go off in 5 minute intervals. 8D T'was a good night, indeed.
"Hey, guys I just remembered something" "What?" "The kitchen timers" "Lol

Whenever I go on a break I always find a new game on Facebook and become hooked (at least until we go back to school). This time it was CastleVille (I'm actually going back and forth between this and it right now). I've got issues, man. o_o

Jenna needed to wrap presents so I had to disappear. Our solution? A REALLY long shower. Now, normally this wouldn't be an issue, I usually shower so long that the hot water fumes near choke me, but I started to get bored....this was then fixed with singing the Teen Titans theme song, off-key, at the top of my lungs....

One of the gifts she wrapped was shaped like this:
I think it's a puppy. .__.

Monday I went to the eye doctor, for the second time, for a contact wearing class (I wanted to wear them for the variety show while being Mrs. Lovett--who obviously doesn't have glasses). After about an hour I actually got them in and could take them out! 8D (mission impossible had been accomplished. For some reason, poking it with my finger didn't seem too appealing to my iris). I then got to wear them home and was able to take them out--having been told to wear them more and more this week in order to get used to them. 
Tuesday. Woke up, couldn't get them in. 
Wednesday. Woke up, couldn't get them in. 
Thursday. Woke up didn't bother. Hadn't felt like failing that day.
Friday. Woke up, honestly didn't think about them until now.
Can't wait to hear the cursing at my follow-up appointment. ^^ 

I've been having a lot of memory issues lately, I couldn't at all remember my locker combination at school (I just know the basic area of each number and it works). There's probably something wrong, not getting enough oxygen to my brain or something. Though I also believe I have Parkinson's.....(making me a hypochondriac ^^).
Oh! If I breath through my spacer (tube thing that attaches to my inhaler) it sounds just like Darth Vader! 8D
Which kind of makes sense, seeing as the mold of my spacer is probably quite similar to the breathing tube found in a scuba mask...but yeah! :D

I now leave you with two awesome tunes :D


Friday, December 9, 2011


This blog is brought to you by this cat.....er....dog.....gremlin?

                                 IT'S ALSO BROUGHT TO YOU BY THESE CATS.

Despite not having a comic tonight, due to technical difficulties, I felt needed to let you know that I'm alive (I'm alive! :D). I shall also try to do something for tomorrow.

So, the parents left for the company picnic and Jenna left to babysit. And what was I left with? Madison. Poor, dead-tired, now stitch-ridden Madison. It was a lovely evening. :D

We had a slumber party.....without the party part..

The Internet made me feel loved today. "I'm sorry, it seems we've lost your page, but we didn't want to lose you." "Oh, Internet. You always know what to say."
I felt even more loved when I came upon this. (at least for the first 20 seconds.....).

Welsh, 'tis past my bed-time. good-night. ^^

P.S. You're gonna love this one.