Even if they clicked on it by accident, it still counts.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

P-P-Poke His Face.

:D There's really nothing that can be said after this......except for maybe "P-P-P-POKER FACE. POKER FACE. P-POKER FACE". But really, where can I go from there? 
So, yes. Lady Gaga came out of an egg. Though it wasn't to "Poker Face" but "Born this way" (I honestly only found this info out upon making this comic. Not that stalking Lady Gaga is necessarily bad, I just don't do it). It was originally going to be my "Easter special" but, being quite paranoid at the time, I wanted to add to my regular comic bulky-ness :D

Yes, Elliot has nightmares about fish-net tights and giant eggs. 

So, I'm Alive! Regardless of the school's nurse's ignorance ("well her blood pressure is 90/60, but that may just be her normal because she's so small"). My only complaint is having five different songs stuck in my head at once.......: Rolling in the DeepBig Bad Handsome Man, If you Like Pina ColadasFirework, and the TikTok Cosplay Parody APH Version. I'd recommend them, but there's a 95% chance they'll all become stuck in your head too.

My family + Richard were up from Alabama last week. c: It was a short visit with what seemed like a long time on the couch. Need-less to say, I'm loving every minute of having my bed back. c:

I've managed to be girl-y today (HUZZAH), by looking at pretty dresses :o (Guy-readers, you've been fore-warned. I must brag and show evidence when I do such girl-y activities). Go forth and be amazed by my, uh...., unique style of clothing! :D (I think the girl-y-ness has been inspired by our, being lazy and not changing the channel, watching celebrity gossip today ;3)
Blushing-Bananas-Dress + In-Your-Primate-Sneakers
Course, most of them were shown to me by my friend, Dem-dem. But it still counts as being girl-y if I look at them and like them, right? Right.

Mehhhhh, it's late. I don't know what it is about Fridays, but i always push off on updating 'til midnight or so. :C (i know, it isn't that late, I'm such a wimp...).

So, I guess we'll see you next week. That is if the malfunctioning, self-channel changing, television hasn't killed us off by then.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Modern Game Site: For Kids.

Yeah..This actually happened over at my house.....minus the flame thrower and such. Only it was my mother's password---that i'd kind of made--and my sister's rage. They don't ask me to do things anymore....

YES. I know I'm late, causing all 9 of you to be all depressed and stuff, longing for my awesome comics.  But, as always, I have a pretty darn good excuse. It's been a long week and, considering typing takes more thought than drawing, I drew my week instead. Enjoy~

It was a loooooong week. Plus, as you can see with the fainting and such, I've become something of a medical mystery......fainting while I'm already sitting......(my blood pressure is low anyway, it gets really low when I'm standing, but sitting it was 90/60 o_o). But I did get to ride in a wheel chair! (that was too big :3). 

So, considering the world is "supposed to end today", this will be the last comic. :D
Unless, by some very slim chance they're wrong x) In which case, I'll see you next week~

Friday, May 13, 2011

Kill Bob.

I LOVE THIS GAME! :D And No, it's not because I like trying to kill innocent people. Just innocent pigs, cattle and chickens from time to time....So, technically (in this world) Bob could've still died even with the presence of an ambulance....but it seemed like the smartest plan to ultimately win o: It was even more enjoyable to see Leo, the pea-brained dinosaur, out smart a robot. WITH A COMPUTER BRAIN. It's like War Games all over again...(oh! And Maxwell's thought process is "Bob + Pencil = Death = Sadness")

YA'LL SHOULD PLAY THIS! (you may have noticed that I've been playing stupid-boy-games during the making of this post).

So, Today was a bad week with a sprinkle of good. I finished my ceramic giraffe and had an awesome band concert (our awesome playing apparentlyy gave one of our teachers chills). That's pretty much when the good days ended, approximately an hour after the concert. We got ourselves into a little trouble...though no drugs, alcohol, or mobs this time. The diagram below tells it all (needless to say, I'm a bit pooped out):

So...car accident (good news is I had an excuse for not getting my math homework! :D Well...less of an excuse and more of a reason...) Yeah...I had to point out that the sagging guy at the bottom was, in fact, NOT ME. For some reason, one of my classmates thought I, the quiet girl whom doesn't swear--or even talk--would start throwing out the finger and two of the worst swear words (known to me). Another classmate thought it was friggin hilarious that this guy was approaching us and screaming. I worry often of the sanity of my classmates, 'cause he was friggin scary. My mother and sister were in tears, my father calling 911, and I simply made sure the doors were locked as he approached. HE WAS FRIGGIN NUTS. 
But, yes, we were all fine. Just no driving and such....the van has been labeled as "totaled" as of today...though no other  injuries arose 'till later (though they were just sore-ness of the neck and such).

Then it stormed. And, as you may've already read, I in no way like lightening. It's 'bout the closest thing I actually have to a phobia. It roared and shook but I eventually passed out by 11pm. It would come to storm today too. o_o So the next day I'd, of course, be dead tired as I was awaken at 6am-ish. The day carried on as usual 'til about the 2nd hour of my school day. Now you must know I have fainting issues sometimes--kind of a medical mystery--with the combination of Asthma, low blood pressure, and a possible heart murmur I'm doomed....Anyway! I'd only been standing for 5 min. tops before my vision went blurry and my mind went un-clear. I quickly ran to a desk and sat down. My triggers are: fatigue, dehydration, hunger, and being overheated. I know I was definitely tired and pretty much down for the count ('twas in a daze all day long). And that was my week.  Here's to hoping yours was better. Night all :D

Saturday, May 7, 2011

May 7 (not to be confused with May 17)

Yes, Yes, and Yes. Yes "Happuy", I was going to fix it but I thought it kind of fit. Yes, it's my cousin's birthday today and it only seemed right to post a comic that featured her c: Yes, again, my awesome amazing cousin Katherine has issues saying "no" to those in need (but we love and adore her anyway c:). As long as she stays away from 5 year-old T-rexes she should be fine though.....

So the scanner stopped being a jerk! :D Though, in a way, it was helping me out. I'd planned in advance to post this on her birthday but for SOME REASON I had in my head that her birthday wasn't 'til the 17th (put me out of my misery now...). I'm not even sure how old she's turning, all I know is she was born the year my madre graduated high school (still, a year I don't know). And if the scanner hadn't been a terd, then I'd have  posted a different comic-completely screwing up my plan. So thank you, scanner. For being a terd.

So this week has been pretty darn epic. Tuesday I cleaned the stage at Grand Valley for winning both runner up in a essay contest (mine was about the globalization of Mario) as well as the raffle (I won a travel mug :D). Thursday was then "Celebrity day" for our school's spirit week. Jenna and I went classic with her being Charlie Chaplin and me Janis Joplin. Though the teachers knew who we were our fellow students were a little off....."Hitler and John Lennon! 8D" uhhh, no.
 Then there were the soccer games. Last week we beat the un-beat-ables! While this week we were beaten by the shorties.....(epically beaten, of course). Though I did get my semi-revenge on #2 of the green team (I'd complained about him here). I kicked the ball and it just so happened to hit him in the face C: 
I also now have a pretty good scratch on my arm from one of the other players, but it was still a pretty darn epic failure-the awesome kind ("does not like the [green] soccer team.....they slide tackle, scratch, and I don't even wanna find out if they bite o_o (all in all, a pretty awesome failure.)'')

I leave you with 4 things; The geek zodiac, an awesome commercial ("and we don't just blow bubbles, we blow bubbles with kittens inside them"), the fact that I AM taller than Ellen Page (I can actually call someone short now :D), and a command: be all creeper-ish and say "Happy Birthday" to Katie here :3
Buh-bye :D 

Friday, May 6, 2011

I know, this is lame.

Though, really, it's not necessarily this that is lame but the scanner. Quite frankly it's acting like a terd  :c
It's been editing my comics by simply cutting out the parts it apparently doesn't like......And my tech support is at the bar,  watching the red wings, with the guys. It'll probably be hours 'til he's home D:
Which, considering I'm not a night owl, means the comic updating and eye soring blabbering will have to happen tomorrow.....

The scanner-edited version of last week's comic. The scanner a fan of a robot? Who knew!
Well.....I guess this is all for tonight, I promise to update as soon as the problem is fixed :D (this being that I remember, of course ^^). 

Stupid scanner having to go and ruin my comic... (night-night :3)