Even if they clicked on it by accident, it still counts.

Friday, March 25, 2011


That's Mag for 'ya, constantly over reacting (I think my sister may be the inspiration for that aspect).

So there's kind of a funny reason as to why this comic is blue (well, not really funny but I'm going to tell you it regardless of that minor fact). We were out and about when I found these fine tip sharpie markers, one's that wouldn't smudge ^^ (needless to say the pens I have smudge, a lot....). It wasn't until I got them home and tried them did I find out they wrote in blue (turns out I can't read as well as spell...... :'c ). Well it turned into this, which is a good thing, riiiiiiight? :D 

Rain = blue. It makes sense, right? I seemed to think so, apparently. So, Sunday there was, perhaps, the first thunderstorm of the year (maybe not the first, but probably the longest). Not a big deal right? Wrong, or at least for me (a bit unnerved by them, I am...). So, as it was going on I couldn't remember exactly why I was afraid of them...a couple of BANG, CRASHES, and BOOMs later I was reminded...Eventually at one point I was doing the whole counting-in-between-flashes-of-lightening-and-thunder-crashes-to-figure-out-how-many-miles-the-storm-is-away. And so, the first time it was like 89 miles while the next time I tried it was 7. o_o It seems I've either became even more terrified in storms (and their speedy-ness) or I shouldn't trust in the teachings of picture books. ^^ 

On a side note, those who like silly games should play this: http://www.maxgames.com/play/ragdoll-spree-2.html. I've been playing a lot of stupid-boy-games lately (I say stupid boy games so to publicly state that I know their stupid so to not later be held accountable for playing these games later ^^). Though this one is probably one of my favorites so far :)

Well that's probably it for tonight, being quite tired (as like most nights). It seems I need to come up with better excuses to finnish typing, but eh. That's life.     

I got it! Mutant spiders kidnapped the computer just before I was able to add anything else to this comic (which I was successfully able to predict before it happened, thus having a viable excuse to put the computer up for the night). Good night, everybody ;)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Day Job.

"ELLIOT!"  It seems his co-workers are useless without him, oh well. Though, considering  So, in my opinion, this is where the awesome comics begin :D (quality and content-wise. Though some of the lines in the first couple of panels are a bit shaky...). Plus I like "The Scream" themed teddy bear.

       So, turns out my life kind of sucks right now or at least yesterday. Turns out I'm going to have to get braces again all because of one tooth.  It's not even my fault either, the tooth defied my retainer and said "screw you maaaaaaaann, I'm going my own way". And it's not like it's towards the back my mouth either, no. It's my third tooth to the right from my top front teeth. Now when I smile, if your not looking closely, it looks kind of like I'm missing a tooth.....that's how much my tooth hates me. Though, considering they're aren't sure if they missed it or if it was an act of mother nature, the orthodontist will put the braces back on for free...(yay...?).

So besides a home-less person calling "Hey, beautiful" after me today ("Nothing boosts your self-esteem like a Hobo calling "Hey, Beautiful" after you.") there isn't much to report. It seems I've found the cure for blabbering though; fatigue :D (this being that it feels like I wasn't blabbering, but feel free to prove me wrong).

Well, G'night :)  

P.S. I think I'm getting sick so if there isn't a comic next week it's because I'm dead.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Leo's so cute....

Sometimes even Maxwell forgets how cute Leo is. Though I never do (hence the using him in almost EVERY comic, you'll see soon enough).  I've realized that I over use Leo for two reasons: he's adorable-easiest to draw, and his personality is most developed in my head (plus he's fun to mess with, you'll come to see). So I originally had a name for Leo's stuffed dragon (yes, my stuffed dinosaur character has a stuffed dragon. Get over it) but I kind of forgot it....something I'm quite good at..Any suggestions? 
Yay! The scanner worked! :D  
I told myself I wasn't going to write a lot tonight, after looking at the other comics, I tend to blabber on and on...so this is probably all for tonight. Plus I'm quite tired (it's hard work being a half-time student and a full time couch potato/artist). I love how artists can be so lazy...
Oh! And ya'll need to watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpjaOUjUPUc 

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Now: Chicago

(You should click on this to see a bigger version. It's better)

So yeah, we were in Chicago Saturday. :D And it was awesome, blizzard-ish weather but awesome. In a way that is both cold and awesome (have I over-used the word "awesome" yet? I think not; awesome, awesome, awesome,awesome,awesome.) We went to Roosevelt University, Water Tower Place (a really, REALLY big mall), this little Cuban restaurant (Cafecito), and (of course) THE DISNEY STORE!! :D (this is quite a big deal considering our only two stores here closed. Note how I say "here", not giving my location. I'm smart like that :D) Oh! And also my first subway experience! (Dun, dun, duuuuuun).

"The Now" reflects on how, technically, this is the latest drawing I've done :D (so this is going to be the best until I filter out the old stuff and make it more of the new). So, that's really it.....I felt the need to point that out....

While in Chicago I took sticky notes and wrought down the Life Less Time's URL :D Which I then stuck in various places all over the city. And actually, it kinda worked. My regular daily views spiked from 2-3 to 15 (though since then it's gone back down. Oh, well). It was kind of fun placing them :D Though I wanted to put one on a mannequins face--I feared too much of getting caught and being kicked out of the mall.... 

 The places are as followed: Roosevelt Universitie's women's bathroom, Cafecito's shop window, The American Girl store, shop window, some guy's bike, American Girl store miniature couch, Disney Store Cinderella's face, Claire's, The Body Shop bag, Subway seat, Foodlife market, The Limited mmannequin's hands, Disney Store by Louie (Dewey and Huey), Water Tower Place food court, Subway wall, American Girl trash can.  

Miss.Kate left today and that makes me a bit sad...(we don't have any excuses to go out and play anymore :c). So ya'll just have to bug her until she gives and comes visits us again (http://redheadedadventuress.blogspot.com/).

So tonight I feel ill, excessively and utterly ("Daddy, I feel sick" "Why?" "I don't know why.." "I think it's because of your tights" "But these tights are awesome!" "Well, we don't really know the underlining 'cause but I think it's your tights" ".....I think it's your face"). Though, after having some yogurt, I'm gradually feeling better. 

Well...I guess that's it. Ta-ta for now?

P.S. Apparently the scanner is broken so I'm not sure how Friday is going to work...(I only could do the Chicago picture with the help of a camera. But a picture that is 1/4 of a page and a comic that fills the whole page are two different things). /but maybe, just maybe, it'll be working by then :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Guy Cows-There's a difference.

I know. What a stupid argument, eh. Oh, well. It's bound to happen, being the 3rd issue and all. The sad part was this was an argument we actually had...though it lasted a lot longer ("GUY COWS!'' "BULLS" "GUY COWS" "BULLS" "GUY COWS" "That's just bull, they're called BULLS")
I told myself I wasn't gonna complain, but here I go. I really don't like Mag's face in the sixth panel......she looks like a Chinese man to me.....though (being lazy) I couldn't really re-ink the whole page..now couldn't I? (the correct answer would be no, I couldn't have). Though GOOD NEWS!: I absolutely love her face in panel five! :D

I'm not quite sure where bologna comes from, actually. Though cats seem quite possible. Nor do I know how to spell it correctly, apparently (my sister corrects me for everything I do but she always misses them when it's important,...).

So this page would've been up earlier (for all you eager fans) if a Miss. Kate wasn't hogging the computer C: (I looooove you Katie :D). But what can you do, what can you do? Though there is an up side, we're going to the windy city tomorrow! (Chicago, fools). It's a looooong drive, though it's definitely worth it (huzzah! The Disney store!).

I've recently decided that it should be summer, or at least spring, sometime soon. I'm not quite sure if I can survive another trip to the basement to successfully upload these pages...(plus there are spiders and mouse-eating-vases down there. A story for another time?)

Well, that's pretty much all that I can muster up for now (I'm super tired, for no reason :c).
I guess I'll see y'all next week. :D

P.S. Leo's the little dinosaur, leaving Maxwell to be the robot. Ü