Even if they clicked on it by accident, it still counts.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Loving you~

It wasn't until recently, that I found out this song had lyrics. (If you hadn't caught on, it's Minnie Ripeton's "Loving you"). Growing up with a mother who watched  Bridget Jones' Diary quite often I only knew the "La, la, la, la, la, la" parts...
(Oh! And if you hadn't figured it out "Escuchar MĂșisica" means "to listen to music")

Along with a brain tumor and Parkinsons, it seems I have the plague too.
Jenna asks how I became such a hypochondriac (another disease I have ^^) when, as usual, I blame my mother xD Seriously! With the whole fainting thing I have going on, my Madre keeps bringing up family medical history (hence the brain tumor).
Then I start looking up symptoms and begin imagining that I have them (or maybe the brain tumor is making me think I'm just imagining symptoms D:).

Hunger Games midnight premiere was Thursday :D
'sides a few others Jenna and I were the only ones to dress up, the theater was filled with 12-year-olds (or those who act such age) who were Twilight crazy, and (like with most midnight premieres after a school day) I was dead tired BUT it still was an awesome movie.
At first I was a bit nervous seeing the movie. A lot of the books I read aren't....well..."mainstream" (I know, I'm such a hipster) thus don't become movies. And I see how fired up Jenna gets about the Harry Potter movies and their leaving things out (I did read the Spiderwick Chronicles when I was younger,  and the movie wasn't completely true either, but they took the first and fifth books and pasted them together. You can only expect so much when 3/5 of the story are gone).
I'm happy to report, to my other Hunger Game fans, that the movie was pretty true to the book. ^^

O'malley destroyed another tennis ball, split it in half. So, I did the most reasonable thing.
I made a pokeball! 8D
note: O'Malley is very confused as to what happened to his tennis ball).
also note: I also suspect that for anyone who plans on proposing to me in the very distant future that they break into my house, steal this, and propose with it. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sorry guys...

Sorry I fell off the grid for a little while there. I would have quick put something together today but I was coloring this, my English assignment, for a good 6 hours today and completely collapsed afterwards. Don't get me wrong, I love coloring, but 6 hours worth can take it's toll. I'm not even quite sure why it took that long ._.

I still think I suck at bubble letters, yet I keep using them.. ._.

I have been quite busy o_o
Since last Monday we've been practicing, seemingly, non-stop for the variety show. Then the curtain opened and the lights blinded me Friday and Saturday and I somehow managed to keep it together. And now I can breath again. :]

(and will update this Friday, with more, I swear!)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

"The Maddie Lisa"

Sometimes we all need to put down the comics......and appreciate some real fine art. (which really means "I forgot to ink this week's comic").

Seeing as I also have some work to catch up on, and am convinced I have a brain tumor, this'll be all for now. Translation?
I've got issues.... :]