Even if they clicked on it by accident, it still counts.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Blue Lake Intermission. Stand by

                                                ^------Crayon scans very badly. :c
Anyway, these are both the original drawings of Mag and the first of the Life Less Times series.

As the beloved movie Toy Story preached; "You Gotta Friend in me"

Jenna was going to write a short story about a robot who fell in love, but couldn't be with them because his cord simply couldn't reach. That was months ago. She still has yet to begin. Oh, well.

Darn that extra life, always getting in the way. Like in Scott Pilgrim :D

*Some of the picture do have shadows, simply because--through elaborate tricking--I finally got the scanner to scan in the WHOLE image. And I wasn't going to redo it just to get rid of a little shadow. * 

I still haven't figured out a name for "Miss. Dancey Robot". Any suggestions?


That's me wetting myself in the corner. Not one of my proudest moments....

We're on the road again.
Lame comic update, I know. But there are two reasons for my lame-ness. For one, I really do need a creative intermission. I haven't made an actual comic in weeks, all I've mattered to sputter out were two pictures. Also I'm going to be at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp for the next 12 days (hence, me updating earlier in the week). Also, hence, the number of pictures--it has to last for two weeks :D So. Blue Lake. Oh, and I'm going for ART not music, because they actually DO have an arts section. Not that I couldn't go for music, with my rusty trombone, it's just when ever we mention Blue Lake they say "ooooh for music?". I'll be doing actual art (as in, not comics) for about two weeks in the middle of a forest. Yay.....
So, originally Jenna and I thought we were going to be in the same cabins, we'd asked in some advance if they'd do so. Turns out, the advance wasn't big enough.....so I'm all alone. When told this the secretary at WMCAT said "Don't worry, you'll be in a cabin with other girls your age". That was the problem. I have a phobia of girls my age. ._. 

Now at Blue Lake I'll either:
  • Make lots and lots of friends, have a good time, and never want to leave.

  •   Be quivering in a corner and marking each day off, with chalk, on the wall.

Knowing me it'll probably be the latter. I need to remember to pack some chalk. Hm..I also have to remember to pack..

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Now I get it..

Think about it for a minute. Maybe try reading it out loud. No, everyone but me probably gets it right away. Most of theses comics are based on my swift moments of stupidity and this one shamelessly joined the ranks (in the same exact way as pictured above. I did think about it first, before asking.....shamelessly defeated....

So. JAFAX. Japanese Art Film Animation Expo. Yep. We're those kind of people. I used to think we were cool and cultured--exotic even. Reading Japanese manga and watching us some anime. But no. It just makes us weird. But I guess being weird is better than normal, 'cause I really like putting on costumes. Especially after I've spent a week on them. c:

Last year was Pokemon. I becoming a quite adorable, if I do say so myself, Pikachu. But this year would be different, one step higher. Last year there were three Pikachus but this year there was only one No Face. And it was me. x) Now, No Face is a character from Hayao Miyazaki's highly acclaimed Spirited Away. Most of the young-ins and non-anime-rs of today will know him as the creator of Ponyo (No, his movies are in no way anime, but I couldn't think of a better way to put it.) Though Howl's Moving Castle is my favorite, Spirited Away would have to do for today.
^---Chihiro   ^------No Face        

Yes! My Jenna returned from summer camp, at Michigan Tech, to be my Chihiro.

Yes. That is a foam airplane hanging over my head. I love our house c:
Yeah. We're awesome. Nothing more to it. In all I gave three strangers hugs, had a billion people ask to take my picture, and only creeped out one or two starving artists. Everyone and their sister wanted my picture o_o Seriously man, I was more surprised when someone passing by didn't want my picture. Needless to say, I was pretty popular......for someone who couldn't make a mask that she could actually see through. Yes, folks. I was blindly walking about Grand Valley's Campus. Seriously. They were holding my hand, walking me around slowly, so I wouldn't run into anything or anyone. I'd have been lost without them. Literally. Seems like a day well spent, chyes?

So last week I'd written  "a baseball game between the Milwaukee Brewers against the.......Chicago Bears". It is quite obvious that I don't know sports. Please try and ignore my stupidity, let it entertain you for a bit, and carry on. :) (Don't understand the mistake? Well than just ignore this :D) 

Now I think it's off to bed for me. 'Tis hard acting like a character, that doesn't talk, all day. ;) G'night :o

P.S. No Face thinks Katsters, named Toby, are fluffy. Painfully fluffy.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Late Notice.

No, I didn't forget. Okay, maybe I did, but a lot has been going on today. Now it's 11:17 pm and I haven't even scanned this week's comic into the computer, plus I have no energy to create any kind of entertaining narration. So. I'm going to bed and I'll see you tomorrow. Possibly after rocking out at JAFAX. Who knows.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Canada, eh?

True story, man. Every saddening bit. But, low and behold, he has not yet set foot in Singapore or any other country that's looked me up lately (which is really good news :D). Observe the map below:  

So, I feel as though I need to make up for last week's speed read. Well, actually I don't feel that way but I'm gonna write a long one anyone (don't worry, there's some pictures too). So Tuesday-Wednesday I was in Chicago again c: (I know, I'm such a lucky bum). Though, this time, with a bit more action. That sounds bad....uh...with a bit more entertainment? No. Uh, never mind that, we went to museums and games. The first day we took an Architectural boat tour down the Chicago river, all the way out to Lake Michigan. It was pretty sweet. But cold. We'd then get dinner at a gourmet pizzeria, Giordano's, where I'd visit the world's smallest bathroom stall and then fly away in a cloud of perfume (yuck). Then a baseball game between the Milwaukee Brewers against the cursed Chicago Bears (they couldn't have been that bad and not cursed. Read the legend here). Again it was fun. But cold. Before the game was over we retired to our SPIFFY 3 STAR HOTEL on MAGNIFICENT MILE 8D We comfortably fit 6 girls in one room. It 'twas awesome. But kind of not when Jenna and I were ready to sleep before lights out and the other girl's were chatter bugs long after. But eh, we were trained to fall asleep to anything. Next, after an average breakfast, the Museum of Science and Industry. IT was HUGE. I'm positive it had everything, from cloned mice to baby chicks (which they actually had both of). And then an opportunity came that I told myself I couldn't miss and forced myself to do. I dissected a cow's eye. Because I could c; That's also where I meant Gary....

What?! I have to protect my identity! Plus, most of you know me anyway.

That's Gary =3 He's a Pig Brain that still has it's eyes still intact. In the picture all you can really see are his eyes, but he totally looks like Gary from Sponge Bob o: (without his shell, of course. Plus the ability to hold up his eyes...). At first it was like even Sponge Bob was saying "what the f**k?". But then when you began to think of him as Gary and not a brain he was kind of cute c: In a creepy way.......

Our trip to Chicago would end with a picnic in Millennium Park, with many friendly pigeons, seagulls, and sparrows. 

Well, off I go. I'm literally running off 4 hours of sleep and a 24oz cappuccino (all because Dem-dem is a infamous night owl and doesn't sleep 'til 2am..) 
Give me a break, I drew it in Paint.

Happy Nightmares :D

P.S. I want one of these.

Friday, June 10, 2011

"I need a dollar, dollar. Dollar is what I need": A Megan Comic

Youthful-ness + cookies + pink lemon-aid = no cigarettes. No joke, people think my sister and I are middle schoolers (instead of a, now, sophomore and senior). Simply another outrageous event in the simple life of Megan...er me.

School may be out, of today, but I'm still a wimp. I'm currently extremely sleep deprived (even with my nap). Being said tired, I'm going to make this the shortest blog post ever known to, well, me :D Wait for it, wait for it. And, now.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Coming Soon to a Store Near You.

I know, I'm cheese-y. So, as most of you know (considering all of my current followers know me), I don't swear and /or cuss. And, when one is in high school, it can become frustrating when someone actually is an a** and you can't properly tell them so. These frustrations diminish when I have either of my buddies...uh...volunteer  to do it for me. c: Hence the birth of this ever so cheese-y comic.

So......I KNOW I'M LATE AND I SOWWY. D: One might say "how does this make a difference? You're usually late. You'd think by now you'd have started updating on Saturdays instead" throwing in a "dolt" or "moron" in there, perhaps, as well. But all of those times, I was conscious of the fact that I was late! (because there's so a difference.) Today, I legitimately forgot and it was like

when I eventually realized at noon today. (though, of course, I couldn't have started on it right away). "Tis probably good that I don't have to many followers who are fully committed, otherwise they'd probably want to kill me by now...o,o

 It's been kind of hard to get out of bed this week, actually being fully awake all day as well. It's been a bit awkward going to school, looking dazed, and trying to explain that I'm "not as think as you drunk I am" (or yesterday's "I'm not as god as you drunk I am" :3). Shouldn't the end of the school year be filled with rainbows, glitter, and unicorns? :D Instead of tests, tests, tests. Can I go back to nap time in pre-school now?

Psh. Who am I kidding? We never had nap time.

A couple of weeks ago, in Biology, we were flipping coins and making babies. No, that doesn't sound right, but it'd be absolutely no fun to rephrase it in any way. And, with traits having been flipped for, this is our little Benji:

(I know it's bad quality, though it is a copy. The original went with the teacher).

Ask me how a cocoa-colored boy came from two of the palest kids at school and I wouldn't be able to tell you (Though blue eyed boys, with darker skin, are rather adorable x3)None the less, we wouldn't want our little Benji any other way c:  Thank god, he didn't have a third eye.

Now, how many of you can actually figure this out before getting to the end?

"I'm 20 years old and i can't get a better job than at a fast food place; it's the only place that will hire a high school graduate. I'm socially awkward, and my only co-worker hates me. I'd complain, but my boss only cares about money. I'd leave, but i can't pass my drivers test, or any test I've ever taken. I'm in love with one of my only friends. she's a smart, athletic, gorgeous southern belle. but, I'm stuck in the friend zone. my only other friend is this guy, who I'm pretty sure only talks to me, because he's mentally retarded. and to top it off, i live in a pineapple under the sea."

I was dumbfounded.