Even if they clicked on it by accident, it still counts.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Now let's pretend.

Let's pretend it's Friday, and that I'm on time.

October 28, 2011. 4:54 pm.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~OH. MY. GOSH. Look how eaaaaaaarly I'm updating today~ (pushing it right? ^^).

Today is my Padre's birthday :3 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PADRE). Even so, Facebook didn't remind me o:
(hardly ever do I remember to tell people "Happy Birthday" on Facebook, even when it reminds me).

Oh, Amazon. You know me so well. 

It seems I don't have any actual stories this time, just random bits of information. Such as this one.

We had the Halloween dance yesterday (er...tomorrow). And it t'was very tiring. Until we rode to Denny's with a maniac driver. But then it was tiring again with his couch-like car seats.

Jenna and I are going to, maybe, be in a variety show! :D (this being that the audition goes well, but as our teacher only has 3 people signed  up last I checked it's probably not to much of a worry. Unless it turns out that Jenna and I really suck.) We shall be singing a duet of the Sweeney Todd song, A Little Priest.

Halloween tomorrow! :D  (er...Monday).
Halloween Parade tomorrow! :D (er...Monday).

Welsh, we're off to go see Rocky Horror in theaters now, Toodles.
OR maybe I'm not. Because Celebration Cinema's website lies. They even removed the page to  cover up their treachery.  

Friday, October 28, 2011


The world truly hates me. 
I can't get the scanner to stop saying "screw you". And I can't get rid of my hiccups either. The Padre is on the job and given that I'm waaaaaaaaaaay past my bedtime I shall be sure to update first thing tomorrow. I PROMISE. 

I swear on Boo-boo's life.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Magical Tooth Pick

It was the year 2008.
We had our instructions.
 Carter: ~Z.F.~
 Christine: Rubber ducky.
 Mello: Evil bar of soap~ creeeeepy…….
  Megan: Piggii J  

Scene: Bath tub~ rubba dub dub spaceship in the tub. 
Plot: to be kidnapped by the evil bar of soap inside the magical spaceship. Inside the-not-so-magical bath tub.
 Word: Spaceship

And a job was to be done.

Dang. That isn't very legible, is it? Oh, well. I tried making it pretty. I guess we'll just have to do it the boring way.....

  One day Piggii, the plastic pig action figure, was inside the bath tub with Z.F.
     Z.F. is a magical rip in the space time continuum, or at least the package she was bought in said. Really she was just a plastic fox like toy. Their owner (the one taking the bath) was now done and leaving the bath tub. He’d again left the tub full of soapy water, Piggii and Z.F. always enjoyed this because they enjoyed roaming the waters freely. All too sudden Mello the dirty bar of soap showed up with the magical spaceship.
 “Mwa ha ha ha ha ha!”, exclaimed the bar of soap. “I shall take you all!”
 Mello, the evil dirty soap, had self esteem issues and hated every body.
 “No!” cried the two.
The two were forced inside the magical spaceship.
 The magical spaceship was a nice ship, it seemed to be a rent to own and was around $25.00.
 “What is the mortgage on this place?” Piggii asked.
 “Roughly 9000.00 a month” the bar of soap said.
 “Wow, that sucks!” Z.F. exclaimed.
 Before the dirty bar of soap could answer, I, narrator of this story appeared out of no where.
 “Stop!” I exclaimed. Now you should know I’m a rubber ducky and compared to soap I’m not very scary………but I do have a sword! ( its really a magical tooth pick).
With a wisp of my “sword” the dirty soap was split into numerous pieces.
 After that, Z.F learned how hotel soap is made and Piggii called a realtor. She obviously loved the spaceship.

                                      The End.   

And that was 7th grade Art class for ya.

I know this looks bad, but I TOTALLY had a comic ready, FOUR of them actually. But between the scanner, the computer, the email, and the other computer some of it got lost. And I refuse to wrestle with something that I know will win.

Whenever I say "totally" I fell like a blonde-typical-teenage-girl. I don't like that feeling.

So, my cousin (Yes Katie. I'm gonna talk about you tonight ^^) sent me a letter. 8D It was awesome because I never get mail and when I do it's something silly like report cards (those things are very silly in our household, along with conferences. They always say "A's", what's the point anymore?). She misses my comics which make me feel guilty (though also very happy. At least someone misses them too <3). I'd planned to dedicate this week's comic to her, because she missed them so, but then the scanner said "screw you". o_o
I'm so very sorry, Katie.

I'll just have to dedicate this picture of a llama to you instead.
At least, I think it's a llama.

OUR OTHER COUSIN"S BABY (our second-cousin, no?) CAME OVER AND HE IS ADORABLE. All he can currently say is; "Mama", "dog", "ball", and "hi". Or, at least, that's all he seemed to sputter while he was here. His name is Brody and he's just recently grown into his head 8D

Spirit week starts tomorrow, and my costumes are going to be epic. (will post pictures :D).

That's all for tonight, I suppose. Tomorrow is "red carpet day" and so I shall need my beauty sleep. Whatever that is.

P.S. Marching Band season is over (yay!). And so, updates will now happen on Fridays again! :D (And Megan will have more time for sleep...)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Here we go again..

It was Saturday and I couldn't get the copier to work, thus couldn't get any pages inked.

I then decided that I'd make a photographic comic with a Leo cubee that'd I'd made months ago.

But that didn't work out too well.....

O'Malley just wasn't feeling it..
(Leo cubee is found here, btw. Print it, cut it out, put it together, show your friends. Go! Do it now! :D)

Which led to more freaking out, hair pulling, etc....

Though perhaps it was just another excuse to do silly things (I like do silly things on the weekends c:).
I decided to try practicing sewing again (a skill in which I'd like to acquire one day). So, still having the dolls from last week in the hall, I grabbed a nude one and started stitching. After 3 hours (of mainly just looking it over) I was satisfied.

I was quite excited when I could successfully remove the dress AND successfully put it back on. This being a process that had failed in the past.

I also learned that I could one day, possibly, be a photographer for clothing (or something silly like that c:).

I've started believing that my dog and I are in a relationship. Recently we've been having issues too. She'll get up in the middle of the night and leave, possibly walking all over me in the process. For example, last week I woke up in the middle of the night with a throbbing pain in my eye. First I noticed my eye, second Madison getting comfy behind my head. She'd stepped on my eye. And that's not even the worst part. The next morning, because I was soooooo tired, I couldn't even remember which eye she'd stepped on. o_o

Jenna and I have recently decided that she's going to get get a Sonic Screwdriver and I'm going to get a Dalek and we're going to play war. 8)  

Welp, that's all the whining I had planned for this week. Until next time, then.

p.s. I swear there'll be a real comic next week (not just a picture of my dog's butt ^^)


The first in the Life Less Times series :D
Enjoy, friends :D

Saturday, October 8, 2011

It's Only just begun...

"....you slept on the kitchen floor?" "........briefly."

I'm sorry for being lame guys...this being that any of you are still here...
My only excuse this time is my newly acquired need to use all of my free time to sleep. It would've also been soccer practice with the teammates who were horrible to me but some recent neck pain and physical therapy got me out of that (thank god. I like playing soccer and I'm kind of bummed that I can't, but that coach and team was just horribly mean). I'll be sure to try and not be so lame in the future :D

I have good news and bad news.
good news: We have a new (old) scanner.
bad news: I don't know how to use it.
good news: I now know how to use it.
bad news: I didn't have anything ready for tonight.
good news: I drew some doodles in class.
bad news: I'm bad at geometry.
good news: when do you use geometry in life anyway?
bad news: I'm probably wrong.
good news: janitors don't use geometry.
bad news: I don't want to be a janitor.
good news: I can clean toilets.
bad news: I don't like cleaning toilets.
good news: I am good at learning history.
I also tried to draw a pineapple.....it didn't work out so well the first time..

"That doesn't look like a pineapple.......that looks like a creature named boo-boo...."

So earlier I was watching Happy Gilmore (I know, I'm a dork) and Chubbs was singing "We've Only Just Begun" (during Happy's happy moment) and it really creep-ed me out. If any of you have seen Stephen King's "1408" you'd know why. That movie has ruined that song for me. Just listening to this version now, to get this link, gave me chills....

It's been 2 weeks since I've updated and still there's not much to talk about.....I have less of a life than I thought I had ;O

Oh! This may seem a little girl-y but we found a box of barbies from my mother's/cousin's childhood and they are epic. There was once a time were Barbie wore other colors besides pink (true story). There was also a good amount of Disney barbies (which had to be the best ones)  and it was quite easy to pick out their clothes. Disney outfits = sparkles. :)

Well I guess this is goodbye, til next week, folks. Buenos Dias.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Well darn.

It seems I've forgotten to update two weeks in a row....well. You know what happened? Life. Surely I'll get it right one of these days and I'll do a more proper update ASAP. Tomorrow perhaps? We shall see. ^^

Here,  have a turtle. :]